• MAEd Program Details

    Required Courses: (24 Credits)

    • GED 8020: Explorations: Reflection, Community Building, and Knowledge Construction (4 credits)
    • GED 8021: Designing Effective Learning Environments (2 credits)
    • GED 8022: Action Research: Practice and Application (2 credits)
    • GED 8023: Capstone Practicum (4 credits)
    • GED 8024: Educating for Equity and Social Justice (4 credits)
    • GED 8025: Public Policy: Design and Action, (4 credits)
    • GED 8490: Capstone Project or GED 8495: Capstone Thesis (4 credits)

    Elective Courses: (10 Credits)

    These credits can be obtained through:

    • Coursework in additional licensure areas such as Reading, ESL, or 12 other content areas.
    • Coursework and certificates in specialized areas such as:
      • Adult ESL
      • Adult Basic Education
      • Autism Spectrum Disorder
      • College Admission Counseling
      • ESL for Mainstream Teachers
      • Gifted Education
      • K-5 Mathematics
      • Teaching English as a Foreign Language
      • Traumatic Brain Injury
      • Urban Teaching

    Transfer of Credits:

    Up to five semester credits of graduate work (either through Hamline University or another accredited institution) completed before admission into the MAEd program may be used towards elective credits, provided the transfer criteria are met. A Hamline certificate or licensure program may also be used to fulfill all or most of the elective requirements.

    Transfer of prior credit occurs after successful completion of GED 8020 Explorations: Reflection, Community Building, and Knowledge Construction.

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