• Master of Arts in Literacy Education Current Students

    Program Welcome

    Welcome to the Master of Arts in Literacy Education (MALEd) program. The HSE staff and faculty are here to ensure that you have all the program information and resources necessary to be a successful MALEd student.                                    

    Program and Contact Information

    Program Information - The required curriculum includes 24 credits of required courses and 10 credits of electives. A convenient program planner is available for your use as you proceed through your program.  

    Transfer credits. Up to 5 semester credits of graduate work from an outside institution or up to 10 credits of graduate coursework from Hamline taken before admission may be used to fulfill elective requirements. (5 of the 10 elective credits need to have a literacy focus.) 

    Staff Contacts - If you have any questions or need assistance, your staff contact is: 
    Molly Doran
    Graduate Advisor for Advanced Degrees and Certificates


    Documents/Forms Library 

    The following documents and forms may be necessary for you as an MALEd student. If you have questions about any of these forms, please contact education@hamline.edu.
    MALEd Program Planner
    Degree Completion Timeline
    Intent to Graduate Form  
    Capstone Project and Thesis Comparison
    Capstone Thesis Information Form
    Capstone Thesis Completion Guide
    Capstone Project Completion Guide 
    New Capstone Rubric Summer 2016 (Students who have completed GED 8023, ESL 8490, or GED 8035 prior to Summer 2016 will use the Capstone Rubric dated Fall 2013. Students completing GED 8023, ESL 8490, or GED 8035 starting Summer 2016 term will be assessed with the New Capstone Rubric dated Summer 2016.)
    Capstone Formatting
    Transfer of Credit
    Petition and Extension Requests