• Teacher Education Department Bilingual/Bicultural Education Additional License (K-12)

    Staff Advisor: Alyssa Vaj (contact with general inquires, questions about course scheduling/registration, and to set up initial-advising appointments)

    Faculty Program Coordinator: Ann Mabbott, Ph.D. (contact with feedback or questions about the program)

    Department Chair: Rachel Endo, Ph.D.

    Bilingual/bicultural education is a program of instruction in English and another language, in which the two languages are used as media for instruction for any or all the regular school curriculum. The study of both languages, and the cultures associated with each, are integral parts of bilingual/bicultural education.

    Who May Enroll

    Applicants must meet the following requirements for admission:

    1. Proficiency in the K-12 students’ native language at an “advanced” level on the ACTFL proficiency test
    2. Proficiency in English as demonstrated by passing the PPST test before licensure is granted

    Additional requirements:

    1. For the bilingual K-8 scope of work: A valid Minnesota license as an elementary teacher
    2. For the bilingual 5-12 scope of work: A valid Minnesota license as a secondary health, social studies, science, or mathematics teacher

    State Eligibility (Online Program Only):

    If you are applying to the Bilingual/Bicultural Education Additional License (K-12) online program, please confirm that you reside in a state where Hamline University is authorized to provide online education. (Eligibility by state)


    The bilingual/bicultural license requires 19-21 semester credits, plus student teaching.

    Coursework covers topics such as teaching methods, materials, second language acquisition, testing and evaluation, and developing literacy skills. Credits are in semester hours and are all at the graduate level. Some coursework is available online.

    Student Teaching

    An advanced practicum (student teaching) experience is required upon completion of the coursework. It will be done at the grade level(s) in which you will be receiving licensure. Previous K-12 bilingual teaching experience is taken into consideration when determining practicum length.

  • State Eligibility and Complaint Process

    State Eligibility

    Hamline University, like all higher education institutions, must follow individual state regulations before enrolling students outside of Minnesota in its online programs. Hamline can enroll students residing in most states, but please confirm whether your state is among the eligible states.   

    Hamline University is committed to providing outstanding online education. If you have a question, concern, or complaint about your online education experience at Hamline, please review our complaint process for online education at Hamline.