• Frequently Asked Questions

    Information on Hamline and Minnesota requirements

    What are the requirements for acceptance to the HU Administrative Licensure Program?
    There are both state-specific and University-specific requirements for acceptance into licensure programs for a MN Administrative License.

    The requirements include:

    • A teaching license
    • 3 years of classroom teaching experience
    • A master’s degree

    How long do I have to complete the program?
    There is no time limit for completion of an administrative license, but students typically complete the program in two years. Licensure and program requirements must be completed before state licensing requirements change.

    What are Minnesota Administrative Licensure Competencies?
    Licensure competencies, much like student learning standards, outline specific skills and conceptual understandings that are required for state licensure. The Minnesota licensure competencies consist of fifteen competency areas for K-12 Principals and Directors of Special Education, and seventeen for District Superintendents. Each competency area contains between two to ten sub-competencies or indicators. There are multiple ways to develop and demonstrate administrative competencies. Demonstration of competency development occurs throughout the student experience and culminates in the development of an Exit Portfolio. A complete list of Minnesota competencies can be found in your Student Handbook.

    What is the Initial Competency Assessment?
    The Initial Competency Assessment (ICA) is a self-assessment of student learning outcomes required for administrative licensure competencies. The ICA is used as a guide to help students identify areas for personal growth and focus.

    Where can I find course descriptions and when particular courses are offered?
    More detailed course descriptions for core courses and common electives can be found in the Student Handbook. A schedule of courses for licensure as a K12 Principal, Director of Special Education, or District Superintendent can be found with the Program Details.

    As an administrator in another state, how can I obtain a MN Administrative License?

    If I am an administrator in another state, can I obtain a MN Administrative License incorporating coursework and/or experiences from my home state?

    MN administrative licensure candidates must meet state competencies and field experience requirements. Licensure courses and experiences from other states may meet MN licensing obligations. These details will be different depending upon the home state’s specific licensure requirements.

    • Contact the Administrative Licensure Coordinator for specific information
    • Consult MN Rule 3512 for specific MN licensure requirements and details
    • Contact the MN Board of School Administrators (BOSA) for details about obtaining a temporary administrative license

    Field Experience

    What are the requirements for the Field Experiences?

    ALL administrative licensure candidates must complete this experience during a one-year time frame.

    K-12 Principal candidates must complete the 320-hour experience at three school levels: elementary, middle school, high school during a one-year time frame. The experience must include:

    • A major placement including a minimum of 200 hours at one school level
    • Two minor placements including a minimum of 40 hours at the other two levels

    Superintendent and Director of Special Education candidates must complete the 320-hour experience at two sites during a one-year time frame. The experience must include:

    • A major placement including a minimum of 200 hours at one site
    • A minor placement including a minimum of 40 hours at another site

    When do I register for my field experience courses?
    Students must complete 10-12 of the 24 required core courses before registering for their field experience. Only those candidates working in a quasi-administrative role, they will be eligible to begin these hours after completing only 10 credits. All field experience courses for each licensure area are offered every term. Students must complete their field experience requirement within one calendar year.

    When should I find my site supervisor?
    Students are encouraged to identify site supervisors and sites for their field experience placements prior to registering for their first field experience course, Field Experience I: Plan.

    Can my field experience site supervisor be someone with whom I work?
    Yes. Students often choose to work with administrators employed by the district in which the student works or lives. Site supervisors must be licensed, practicing administrators working in the same licensure area in which the student is seeking a license.

    When do I take the other Field Experience classes?
    Field Experience 2: Portfolio should be registered for the term following Field Experience 1: Plan. This class will include a mid-point or formative assessment and require candidates to begin creating their Exit Portfolio. Field Experience 3: Exit should be registered for in the term the field experience ends, if there is time to create an Exit Portfolio and set an Exit Interview. Otherwise, FE3 should be registered for the term after the experience was completed so the candidate has time to prepare the Exit Portfolio and schedule an Exit Interview.

    Licensure Completion

    What are the Exit Interview and Portfolio requirements?
    The Exit Portfolio is presented to the student’s advisor and two licensed administrators from his/her concentration area during the Exit Interview. This process demonstrates the student’s competency in all of the Minnesota Competencies. Students begin work on their Exit Portfolios during their second field experience course and typically finish the portfolio before registering for the final field experience course.