• Educational Specialist Program Details

    Degree Requirements

    Courses blend online instruction with limited on-campus classes that meet on Saturdays, so you get the convenience of online courses with the benefits of face-to-face learning. Some online classwork is conducted synchronously at scheduled days and times (evenings and weekends only).

    Administrative Licensure courses:

    • Introduction to Administrative Licensure (2 credits)
    • Initial Leadership Assessment (2 credits)
    • Leadership and Organization (4 credits)
    • School Finance (2 credits)
    • Education Law and Ethics (4 credits)
    • Human Relations in Organizations (2 credits)
    • One licensure-focused course (4 credits)
      • The K-12 Principal 
      • The District Superintendent
      • Director of Special Education
    • Field Experience I: Plan (2 credits)
    • Field Experience II: Portfolio (2 credits)
    • Field Experience III: Exit (2 credits) 

    Educational Specialist courses*:

    • Equitable Innovation and Transformation: Skills and Strategies for K-12 Educational Leaders (4 credits)
    • EdS Action Research Project (2 credits)

    Elective courses (0-4 credits):
    The number of elective credits required is determined by whether you need additional coursework to develop leadership competencies and whether you need additional credits to satisfy the state requirement to have 60 credits beyond your bachelor’s degree, including a master’s degree.

    *Note: If you wish to pursue your doctorate rather than an Educational Specialist degree, you can complete your administrative licensure coursework and not enroll in these courses.

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