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    Discover our planet's natural systems and expand your world with the American Museum of Natural History's Seminars on Science! Hamline’s School of Education has partnered with one of the world’s great scientific, educational, and cultural institutions to offer online graduate courses in life, earth, and physical sciences.

    The American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) in New York City has done extensive work with schools, teachers, colleges, and universities across the country. Twelve different online courses are available, providing teachers with cutting-edge research and powerful classroom resources.

    The courses are rich with imagery, video, interactive simulations, and vibrant discussion connecting learners to the Museum’s scientists, laboratories, expeditions, and specimens.  "The combination of high production values, unsurpassed resources, and knowledgeable teachers makes Seminars on Science unique. In reaching across disciplines and media, the Museum is at the forefront of professional development for science teachers," said Rosamond Kinzler, director of the National Center for Science Literacy, Education and Technology, the group within the Museum’s Department of Education responsible for creating Seminars on ScienceAll courses have been correlated to the National Science Education Standards and are co-taught by an experienced educator and a Museum scientist.

    If you can’t find the answer to your question about AMNH courses here, contact Graduate Continuing Studies 651-523-2600 or by e-mail, continuingstudies@hamline.edu 

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    About the Partnership

    For Non-Hamline “Credit-Only” Students  
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            Paying for Course(s)  ($549 to be paid directly to AMNH)
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    For Hamline Students
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     All AMNH Courses Offered Through Hamline

    About The Partnership

    Hamline University partners with the American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) to bring their courses to Hamline graduate students and to provide credit for the courses to other students who register with AMNH.  This rich partnership allows Hamline to provide quality science education courses to its students, particularly in the School of Education.

    The American Museum of Natural History is one of the world's preeminent scientific and cultural institutions. Since its founding in 1869, the Museum has advanced its global mission to discover, interpret and disseminate information about human cultures, the natural world and the universe through a wide-ranging program of scientific research, education and exhibition.  One of the programs at AMNH is the online “Seminars in Science” series of courses for educators.  These are the courses that Hamline offers to its students.

    Located in St. Paul, Minnesota, Hamline University is home to 5,000 undergraduate and graduate students.  Hamline is the top-ranked and only “Great Schools, Great Prices” university of its class in Minnesota, according to U.S. News & World Report. Founded in 1854, Hamline also is Minnesota’s first university and among the first coeducational institutions in the nation.

    Students can register for AMNH courses: (1) Directly through Hamline University and receive instruction and credit for the course.  Or, (2) If non-Hamline students register for instruction with AMNH, they can then register to receive 3 graduate credits through Hamline.  The cost for instruction plus credit is the same through both avenues.


    For Credit-Only (Non-Hamline) Students

    If you are a student who registered with AMNH and you want to now register for credit through Hamline University, follow these steps:

    1)  Please email continuingstudies@hamline.edu  to request a registration form. Please include the course title and number.

     2)  Pay for the course by:
         Check:  Send in a check with the registration form.
         Credit Card:  Put a checkmark on the form next to the credit card option.  When we receive your registration, you will be sent an “e-bill” via e-mail providing instructions on how to pay using Hamline’s online Piperline system.  You can pay via MasterCard, Discover, VISA, or American Express.  A 2.75% convenience fee will be charged if you pay via credit card.  You are not fully registered for the course until your payment goes through. 
    3)  Mail or fax in the form to the address listed on the form by the end of the 6th week of the course (the date listed as the end date of the course in the course description).
    4)  If you are paying by credit card, when you receive your e-bill, fill out the information through the "Piperline" system using the link provided in the e-mail.
    5)  Contact continuingstudies@hamline.edu if you don't see the payment go through within 3 weeks.

    Credit-Only Registration Deadline:  As of May 1, 2011, the deadline for registering for credit for AMNH courses is the end of the 6th week of the course.  Hamline will no longer offer credit for courses taken in previous semesters.

    AMNH "May Term" Courses (starting in May and ending in June) are not currently offered for credit through Hamline University.

    How to Access Your Grade(s) and Request a Transcript:  A grade will be entered about three weeks after the last day of the course.  Grades and transcripts can be accessed through Hamline’s online Piperline system.
    1) To get started in Piperline, you will need your Hamline ID number and PIN to login.  If you don't already know these, please call our Student Administrative Services office at 651-523-3000 or 800-888-2182. Folks there will be happy to help you. 
    2) To get information about transcripts (fees, timing, etc.), go to www.hamline.edu/transcript
    3)  Once you have your ID and password, log in to Piperline from the Hamline homepage at www.hamine.edu.  Put your cursor over “Logins” at the upper right corner of the page and click “Piperline.”  Click on the “Student Services” tab at the top of the page that opens.  Click on “Student Records.”  You will then see a menu where you can view transcripts and grades and order transcripts.


    For Hamline University Students

    Hamline Student Registration:  Hamline students can register for American Museum of Natural History (AMNH) courses through the Hamline registration system.  These 6000-level graduate courses are Continuing Studies courses in the Science Education area (SCED). 

    Hamline Student Registration Deadline:  Hamline students must register for AMNH courses 2 weeks before the courses begin to ensure a space in the course.  After the two-week window, you can request to register for the course, but we must check with AMNH to see if there is still space available.

    E-College Platform (Instead of Canvas) – Accessing the Course:  Hamline students should note that AMNH courses are offered via e-college rather than through Hamline’s online course system, Blackboard.  Once you register, AMNH will send information to your “preferred” Hamline e-mail address on how to access the course.  If you have questions, contact Graduate Continuing Studies at 651-523-2600 or continuingstudies@hamline.edu

    Additional Information on Courses:  If you would like additional information on the courses, go to the AMNH website at www.amnh.org/learn/ and click on the semester/section in which you are interested, on the right. 

    Intensive Courses:  Please note that these 3-credit courses are intensive because they are offered in a condensed, 6-week time-period.  They therefore require a lot of work during that short timeline.  You may wish to take this into consideration when planning your course load in relation to these courses.  You can learn more about the courses by visiting the American Museum of Natural History website.  However, if you are a Hamline student, come back and register through Piperline.  Note:  Hamline does not offer credit for the "May Term" (starting in May and ending in June) AMNH courses.


    American Museum of Natural History Courses Offered Through Hamline University

    Not all courses are offered every semester.

    Climate Change
    SCED 6088
    Take a closer look at how human activity continues to shape our global climate.

    Ecology: Ecosystem Dynamics and Conservation
    SCED 6089
    Learn about ecology and ecosystem dynamics using a systems thinking lense.

    Space, Time, Motion
    SCED 6099
    Fascinated observers have always grappled with questions concerning the physical origin, workings, and behavior of the universe.

    Earth: Inside-Out
    SCED 6100
    Feel like you’re standing on solid ground? In fact, the Earth and its atmosphere form a dynamic system in a state of constant flux.

    Genetics, Genomics, Genethics
    SCED 6105
    Learn about the newest genome research and the ethical issues raised by genetic enhancements, modified foods, and cloning.

    The Link Between Dinosaurs and Birds
    SCED 6110
    Did dinosaurs really become extinct 65 million years ago?

    Sharks and Rays
    SCED 6113
    Sharks and rays: exotic to mundane, amazing creatures long misunderstood.

    In the Field With Spiders
    SCED 6114
    Silk, web, fangs and venom are not everything there is to know about spiders. These abundant predators - the largest carnivorous order of animals - structure the terrestrial food chain.

    The Ocean System
    SCED 6115
    Why is the ocean so big, so salty? How does it work?

    The Diversity of Fishes
    SCED 6117
    Fishes make up half of all invertebrate species alive today, and live everywhere from mountain streams to ocean depths.

    The Solar System
    SCED 6147
    Get to know our local neighborhood in space, the solar system.

    SCED 6148
    Evolution is the fundamental concept that underlies all life sciences and continues to contribute to advances in medicine, public health, and conservation.

    SCED 6159
    Water—its location, condition, and use—is a critical environmental issue.

    The Brain: Structure, Function and Evolution
    SCED 6170
    Look inside the human body's most complex structure.


  • Program Details 

    • 3 semester credits
    • Target audience: educators 6-adult
    • Registration deadline 2 weeks prior to start date