• Learning Communities

    Off-campus learning communities combine online and face-to-face learning, allowing you to complete your degree alongside a committed group of collaborative teachers and learners.

    What is a Learning Community?

    Hamline’s learning communities are groups of teachers who come together with the intention of learning from one another. One member of the group serves as the facilitator, and helps to lead the group’s work.

    Learning communities encourage active, engaged, and collaborative learning. Theory and practice are naturally integrated through the professional experiences of the participants, as well as the ongoing instructional design of the facilitator.


    Learning communities are convenient and efficient. They meet two evenings and one Saturday per month close to your home and practice. Part of these meetings are online, meaning you spend less time getting to and from class, and more time engaged in learning activities.

    Learning happens continuously in Hamline’s learning communities as a result of the active, energy-charged environment. And learning communities provide you with a network of professional colleagues who are willing to share their experiential knowledge and serve as a resource for one another.

    Above all, learning communities meet your needs because learning is multimedia – visual, aural, social, individual, technological, theoretical, and experiential. They enable you to be creative and to choose how you learn best.