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    Online Classroom Resources

    Providing  online resources for the classroom and distance learning comes naturally to Hamline's Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE), an internationally recognized pioneer in creating thematic learning projects for K-12 students around the globe.

    Storm Drain Goalie. CGEE's Newest Online Storm Drain Program

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    Storm Drain Goalie is CGEE’s newest online storm drain program! Play the Storm Drain Goalie game to learn common pollutants and test your goalie skills by keeping pollutants out of the storm drain and helping fish in the river stay happy and healthy! Watch our famous ‘Journey of a Raindrop’ video. Engage in online activities — Connect-the-Dots, Memory Game, Word Find, and Coloring and Activity Book (printable) for kids!

     Adopt a Drain Interactive 

    Adopt-a-Drain_Interactive_logoAdopt a Drain interactive is the perfect stormwater stewardship service-learning project! Learn how to prevent damage to the Mississippi from runoff pollution through interactive learning modules. Then keep your storm drain clear of debris. A great project for home or classroom learning—15 minutes, twice a month is all it takes!

    Waters to the Sea®

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     Interactive watershed education - science and social studies online. Produced by CGEE, Waters to the Sea is a series of internationally acclaimed interactive learning programs on North America's waterways for grades four through eight. 

    • Waters to the Sea®: Lake Superior Odyssey: Program Link
    • Waters to the Sea®: Mississippi River Adventure (multiple states): Program Link
    • Waters to the Sea®: Kaua'i Adventure Program Link

    • Waters to the Sea®: Trinity River (Texas): Learn More | Program Link 

    • Waters to the Sea®: Guadalupe River (Texas): Program Link  

    • Waters to the Sea®: Chattahoochee River (Georgia) - CD Only: Learn More

     Dynamic Delta Online

    Graphic: Dynamic Delta Online thumb 96Dynamic Delta Online brings to life the richness of the Delta for students in grades 6-8. The interactive multimedia program explores interactions between people and nature - from the formation of the Gulf of Mexico to modern river commerce; from bird life to pollution and land-loss.  

    Hawai'i's Forest Birds

    Graphic: Meet the birds thumb 96This fee learning resource celebrates some of the rarest birds in the world: Hawaiian Forest Birds. Discover all that this exciting resource provides for teachers, students and families: stunning visuals; narratives that teach and entertain; information about Hawai‘i’s endangered birds; interactive learning modules; activities for teachers and homeschoolers to use in their classrooms; and an encyclopedic multimedia library. 

    Big River Journey Online

    Big River Journey - heronWith learning stations covering everything from beaks to bugs to boats, Big River Journey Online allows students to connect with the upper Mississippi River remotely and have fun exploring science, art, history, and culture. Teachers will also find built-in assessments and connections to standards to easily integrate into lesson plans. This project with the National Park Service and the Mississippi Park Connection makes extensive use of CGEE’s acclaimed Waters to the Sea® online learning program. 

    YouTube Channel 

     Graphic - Youtube thumb 96Visit us on Youtube! Our videos span from Hawaii to New Orleans and cover topics from nature to professional development. Use them to inspire wonder, provoke thinking and insights, or introduce topics of study like engineering design, photography aesthetics, or the wonders of water.

    WYES Mighty Mississippi Electronic Field Trip: Featuring Waters to the Sea®

    Graphic - Miss EFT LogoThe Mighty Mississippi takes students on an hour-long headwaters-to-Gulf PBS documentary field trip, hosted by four young reporters. Produced by WYES New Orleans and Hamline University, the program won a 2019 National Educational Television Association award. 

    Estuaries in the Balance: The Texas Coastal Bend

    Graphic - Multimedia - Estuaries in Balance

    An interactive multimedia “mega-module” focused on estuary ecosystems through the lens of four key species: blue crabs, oysters, redfish, and whooping cranes. Elements exploring ecosystem functioning include multiple videos, dynamic visualizations, and games. A concluding video examines ecosystem services, human impacts, and stewardship.