Stay at Home Order in Effect

April 01, 2020

Governor Tim Walz has asked all Minnesotans to #StayHomeMN until Friday, April 10.

For the latest information on Hamline's response, click here.

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    K-12 and Youth Resources

    Hamline's Center for Global Environmental Education (CGEE) has been an internationally recognized pioneer in creating thematic learning projects for K-12 students around the globe. Explore these resources:

    Waters to the Sea® (CD-ROM and Online Programs) 

    Graphic - Multimedia - Waters to the Sea logo - Assessment Module

    Interactive watershed education - science and social studies via CD-ROM and the web. Produced by CGEE, Waters to the Sea is a series of internationally acclaimed interactive learning programs on North America's waterways for grades four through eight.

    • Waters to the Sea®: Mississippi River Adventure (multiple states): Program Link

    • WYES Mighty Mississippi Electronic Field Trip: Featuring Waters to the Sea®: Program Link

    • Waters to the Sea®: Trinity River (Texas): Learn More | Program Link 

    • Waters to the Sea®: Guadalupe River (Texas): Program Link  

    • Water for the City: Southern California's Urban Water Cycle (Los Angeles): Learn More | Program Link

    • Waters to the Sea®: Discovering Alabama: Learn More 

    • Waters to the Sea®: Chattahoochee River (Georgia) - CD-ROM Only: Learn More

    Estuaries in the Balance: The Texas Coastal Bend (Online Program)

    Graphic - Multimedia - Estuaries in Balance

    An interactive multimedia “mega-module” focused on estuary ecosystems through the lens of four key species: blue crabs, oysters, redfish, and whooping cranes. Elements exploring ecosystem functioning include multiple videos, dynamic visualizations, and games. A concluding video examines ecosystem services, human impacts, and stewardship.

     A Thousand Friends of Frogs (Website - available but not actively managed)

    1,000 Friends of FrogsA Thousand Friends of Frogs is an educational website. It was started in 1996 in response to research resulting from the discovery of deformed frogs in southwestern Minnesota by a group of students. The purpose of the website is to connect children, parents, educators, and scientists to study and celebrate frogs and their habitats. The website is no longer actively managed, but it continues to provide interesting information and resources about frogs. 

    StormDrain Goalie (iPad app - Free from the iTunes store - Temporarily unavailable due to upgrade)

    Graphic - Multimedia - StormDrain GoalieCGEE’s first iPad app, StormDrain Goalie (SDG), introduces impacts of surface water pollution through a fun interactive game. Users are challenged during time-limited interactions to keep common pollutants out of a storm drain while allowing untainted water droplets to enter the drain. The app keeps score and provides feedback about your success and provides information about ways to reduce runoff pollution in the real world.

    Alex the Frog Series (CD-ROM and Online Series)

    Interactive environmental education via CD-ROM and the web. Alex the Frog is the main character in the series, which includes:

    • Water Down the Drain: Program Link 

    • Urban Water Cycle: Program Link 

    • Big Foot: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: CD-ROM only