• Metro WaterShed Partners

    Win the Environmental Initiative Award in the Environmental Education Category

    MINNEAPOLIS (April, 1999) - Environmental Initiative Awards are given to companies and organizations that have taken the lead in executing substantial changes in response to pressing environmental issues. The awards recognize the public and private parties involved in the winning projects, all of whom have done their part - and then some - to increase our understanding of increasingly complex environmental issues. The awards program emphasizes the collaboration necessary to reach truly unique and forward-thinking environmental solutions.

    The categories for the 6th Annual Awards are:

    Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
    Environmental Education
    Environmental Management
    Innovative Environmental Policy
    Land Use and Community Development

    The Minnesota Environmental Initiative is a nonprofit organization that works with business, government and advocacy groups to promote environmental excellence in policy, industrial management, land use and energy generation and use.

    A special thanks to the Met Council for acquiring plaques for each of the active WaterShed Partners!