• Water for the City: Southern California's Urban Water Cycle

    A version of the Waters to the Sea® Series focused on the Los Angeles area. This version includes an assessment tool that is currently in testing.

    This is a multimedia program about Southern California's urban watersheds and related freshwater issues. The program is linked to California science and social studies education standards.

    The program introduces users to the the region's urban watershed that links citizens to source-water resources and wastewater services. Drawing on local history, geography, personalities, and cultural traditions, it emphasizes the importance of water for daily life and the need to use it wisely. It uses media elements from the region to bring these messages to life through creative interactivity built on one or more stories drawn from human relationships with the region's waterways.

     The program focuses on the following goals:

    1. to provide users with an introduction to the urban watershed in the Los Angeles region, including where source water comes from and what happens to wastewater and surface waters.

    2. to instill in users an appreciation of the importance of the region's water resources in daily life.

    3. to enable users to identify key strategies for using water resources wisely.

    4. to motivate users to enact important wise-water-use and non-point-source reduction strategies.

    View Water for the City online.