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    Trinity River Institute featuring
    Waters to the Sea

    Due to major projects here at the Center for Global Environmental Education, we will not be holding the Trinity River Institute in summer 2018. Stay tuned for the return of the institute in future years. Over 140 teachers have attended the institute over the last 7 years, and we look forward to working with more Texas teachers in the future!

    Our natural affinity to water makes rivers and watersheds a useful and familiar context for teaching and learning. For the fourth summer, the Center for Global Environmental Education presents its acclaimed Rivers Institute, a three day field-based professional development opportunity that helps educators improve their students' science knowledge and environmental literacy through the lens of watershed education.

    The Institute is designed for educators of grades 4-8. We tie together hands-on experiences with the Waters to the Sea: Trinity River multimedia program for enhancing understanding of concepts and ideas for students.






    The standards-based Trinity Rivers Institute is designed to increase teachers' science content knowledge, and help area educators translate their professional experiences into meaningful, engaging classroom lessons.


    Targeted to grade 4th-8th teachers. Science specialists and teams of teachers are encouraged to apply.


    Participants will:

    Understand the teaching and learning opportunities represented by using their watershed as a context for learning;  

    Learn specific natural science as well as some social studies content relevant to the Trinity River watershed;  

    Explore the Trinity River watershed by: canoeing on and hiking by the Trinity River  

    Investigate existing resources and programs to enrich their teaching, including:

    • Explore the interactive Waters to the Sea: Trinity River multimedia resources;

    • Explore the new Texas Aquatic Science Curriculum with Texas Parks and Wildlife;

    • Investigate human impact on water quality through macroinvertebrate collection and study, and through chemical water testing;   

    • Learn about watersheds in general and the importance of the Trinity River watershed in Texas   

    • Find out what aquatic plants live in the Trinity River watershed;  

    • Participate in hands-on activities. 


    The River Institute takes place over three activity-filled days. Participants interact directly with professionals and have first-hand experiences wit the Trinity River watershed that can be directly transferred to classroom practice. Core concepts in science will be explored, as well as activities and visualizations that engender student understanding of those concepts.


    The cost for the three days is $50, thanks in part to our contributors.

    If you have any questions, please contact Brinkley Prescott at bprescott01@hamline.edu or 651-523-2591.

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