•   CGEE Solstice River 2015

    Solstice River XIX and Global Water Dances

     Saturday, June 20, 2015, 5pm

    Where: Audience comes out on the Stone Arch Bridge in downtown Minneapolis
    What: Outdoor site-specific dance performance with music simulcast over KBEM 88.5 FM
    Who: Free and open to the public

    Come honor the Mississippi River on the longest day of the year. Stand on the Stone Arch Bridge and experience the explosion of color dancing all around you, on this our last year of the performance created by CGEE’s Artist-in-Residence, Marylee Hardenbergh.

    “Solstice River” is the name of the performance that will occur this year for its 19th annual event. The audience comes out onto the Stone Arch Bridge, and watches as the river corridor comes alive with rhythm and color, as dancers appear on rooftops, balconies and riverbanks, sometimes even in kayaks! How can all the dancers and the audience hear the same beat at the same moment, since they are all so many thousands of feet apart? All of the dancers have their own portable radios, and the broadcast for the event comes over the airwaves courtesy of KBEM. 

    Presented by Global Site Performance and the Center for Global Environmental Education.

    • Directions:
      The Stone Arch Bridge is approached from the downtown Minneapolis side at West River Road and Portland Avenue; from the east side of the river, the approach is from 6th Avenue SE and Main Street. The site is wheelchair accessible.
    • The Center for Global Environmental Education provides public information about the care and health of the river.

    more About SOLSTICE RIVER 

    One attendee of these annual performances has said, “By attending these events, I have gained an intimacy with a river that I had merely lived beside. Solstice River asks us to consider the future of these water resources and offers solutions.” 

    creators and sponsors

    Created by Marylee Hardenbergh with Peter Podulke, Lori Mercial, Jeff Grundtner, Mary Williams, Jordan Hart and Emily Gastineau. Music by J. David Moore, Marcus Wise, Afrodrumming and Mystic Warriors. 

    In partnership with U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, Mill City Museum, Washburn Lofts/Sage Cowles, Earth Spirit Environments Inc., Twin Cities T'ai-Chi Ch'uan Studio, Minneapolis Park & Recreation Board and KBEM.

    Hardenbergh is an Artist-in-Residence at Hamline University’s Center for Global Environmental Education. See her work at www.GlobalSitePerformance.org.