• CGEE Installation Locations

    Mississippi Multimedia Gallery™ Installation Locations

    Installations of the Mississippi Multimedia Gallery™ program in the following museums, interpretive Centers, and other public venues along the Mississippi River corridor have impacted tens of thousands of visitors annually.

    CGEE 3

    Lake Itasca State Park, Park Rapids MN

    Minnesota DNR

    The installation at the Jacob Brower Visitor’s Center near the river’s headwaters is prominently positioned to attract the park’s 500,000 annual visitors.

    Multimedia Table - NOMA (1) Multimedia Table - NOMA (2)  

    New Orleans Art Museum, New Orleans, LA

    CGEE is pleased to have a Mississippi Multimedia GalleryTM kiosk installed with the New Orleans Art Museum's "East of the Mississippi: Nineteenth-Century American Landscape Photography" exhibit. NOMA's exhibition is the first to "exclusively explore a vivid chapter of America's photographic history." 

    St. Anthony Falls Interpretive Center, Minneapolis MN

    National Park Service (NPS)

    More than 12,000 summer visitors to the NPS’s interpretive center at the Upper St. Anthony Lock encountered the Gallery program through a 2017 kiosk and software lease arrangement.

    CGEE 2

    Minnesota State Fair, St. Paul MN

    Since 2016, the Mississippi Multimedia Gallery™ program has been featured in exhibits at the Eco Experience Building and the DNR Building, impacting an estimated 15,000 visitors annually.

    Dakota County Historical Museum, Red Wing MN

    A Gallery kiosk was a featured element of the Smithsonian’s Water Ways 2016 exhibit.

    CGEE 4

    Lake Pontchartrain Basin Foundation Visitors Center, Metairie LA

    The Foundation’s iconic lighthouse visitor’s center on the shores of Lake Pontchartrain hosted a Mississippi Multimedia Gallery™ kiosk during the summer 2017.

    St. Bernard Port, St. Bernard LA

    A kiosk playing the Gallery program has been installed since 2016 at the St. Bernard Port offices—a central location within the world’s largest shipping corridor.

    Docville Farm, St. Bernard LA

    The Mississippi Multimedia Gallery™ program has been on display since 2016 for the thousands of annual participants in Docville’s public education programs.


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