•   CGEE River Institute

    Graduate Programs and Professional Development

    The Center for Global Environmental Education professional development teacher institutes are based on a philosophy of inquiry-based learning. We focus on science education through intense, real-life experiences. We celebrate education and help teachers in the trenches be better teachers. 

    Teacher Institutes

    In response to Covid-19, we now present our acclaimed institutes through an innovative hybrid model - combining online content and outdoor hands-on investigations close to home.  

    The Center offers the following teacher professional development institutes:


  • St. Croix River Institute
  • Mississippi River Institute

  • Mississippi River Delta Institute

  • WaterWorks! - Drinking Water Institute

  • Past Institutes:

    Thumbnail - Rivers Institute Playlist 200  River Institute YouTube Playlist - CGEE's professional development institutes draw educators from throughout the U.S. to engage in hands-on explorations of major river systems.