• BioTIC

    Biotechnology and Microbiology for Teachers In the Classroom

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    The BioTIC Institute brought middle and high school biology teachers up-to-speed on the rapid advancements in biotech research, careers, applications, and issues while providing inquiry modeling/practice and curriculum enrichment that support standards related to cell structure, disease, genetics, and biotechnology.

    The BioTIC Institute has come to a close.  Further institutes are suspended until further funding is provided.  



    • was held during two-weeks on-campus at Hamline University in Saint Paul

    • provided an intensive, graduate-level, teacher-focused experience in microbiology, genetics and biotechnology

    • had two Saturday follow-up sessions during the school year (dates to be determined by the group)

    • provided optional classroom support during the school year.

    Teachers who participated in BioTIC:

    • received teacher-focused training in biotechnology and microbiology

    • had time to discuss, enhance, and develop ways to enrich their biology curricula

    • were provided lunch each day during the institute

    • received four graduate credits upon completion of course assignments

    • were asked to complete an anonymous, online pre-institute survey on classroom practice and curriculum

    • received room and board at Hamline for those who live outside the Metro area

    • got a $200 stipend for the summer and resource materials (Note that BioTIC does not provide biotech equipment for the classroom.)

    • were asked to pre- and post-test their students on biotech concepts during the following school year

    • attended two Saturday follow-up sessions (one in fall and one in spring) - $30 stipend each

    • had the option of direct classroom support for implementing biotech labs

    • had the opportunity to network with fellow biology teachers and university faculty.

    Instructors:  Dr. Jodi Goldberg, Dr. Betsy Martinez-Vaz, Dr. Irina Makarevitch, Dr. Ken Jeddeloh, and Torrey Lau

    BioTIC was a statewide professional development program for secondary biology teachers presented by Hamline University's School of Education through its Center for Global Environmental Education.  Funds for this project were provided by a grant from the federal Improving Teacher Quality Program of the No Child Left Behind Act administered by the Minnesota Office of Higher Education. The project was financed by $45,000 in federal funds and $13,386 from nonfederal sources.

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