• Center for Global Environmental Education

  • Alex the Frog Environmental Education Series

    This series of interactive, educational CD-ROMs features irresistible Alex the Frog, a six-foot, hip-hopping frog, as your guide.

    • CD-ROMs feature engaging videos, quizzes, visualizations and interactive simulations

    • Some programs are also available online

    • Designed for grades 4-8

    • Produced by the Center for Global Environmental Education

    • The three programs in this series are:

    Water Down the Drain

    The Story of Water Pollution: Six modules introduce a watershed landscape perspective and provide information about the impacts of impervious surfaces and pollution problems as well as solutions common to residential lots.

    Urban Water Cycle

    Drinking Water - Storm Water - Waster Water:  Takes teachers, students, and citizens into underground aquifers, up water towers, and squeezing through the maze of pipes that circulate water through three related systems in urban environments. It’s a journey that leads to new understanding of the importance of using water wisely. Includes a standards-based classroom activity guide.

    Big Foot

    Reduce. Reuse, Recycle: A Step-by-Step Guide to Shrinking Your Ecological Footprint

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