• TEFL Student Teaching Evaluation Form



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    Progress Toward Meeting TEFL Program Expectations

    a. States clear and realistic objectives.


    b. Achieves lesson objectives.


    c. Demonstrates language awareness (understanding of form, meaning and use; phonological principles in a pronunciations lesson).


    d. Connects lesson to learners’ lives and prior experiences.


    e. Makes appropriate choice of activities (meaningful vs. mechanical; appropriate to lesson stage).


    f. Uses appropriate rate and level of teacher talk; maximizes student talking time; minimizes teacher talking time.


    g. Use of classroom aids (AV, board, visuals, realia) effectively.


    h. Gives clear instructions (demonstrates, models).


    i. Checks learner understanding.


    j. Shows awareness of errors; corrects appropriately; gives suitable feedback.


    k. Is flexible and aware of student needs and culture.


    l. Promotes higher order thinking through tasks and questioning techniques.


    m. Demonstrates professionalism (e.g. is on time and prepared to teach; collaborates on planning with colleagues; is attentive during colleagues’ portions of lesson; has professional demeanor).