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    Erin Evans 
    When I found myself in the midst of a career transition a few years ago, I decided to check out Hamline University's TEFL Certificate program. It proved to be just what I needed: a class schedule that fit with my "day job," classmates from a variety of interesting backgrounds, and faculty who are not only very knowledgeable, but also approachable.


    Kristal O'Sullivan
    Shortly after completing Hamline's TEFL course, I began my career as a teacher at a university in South Korea. After three years, I concluded it was the best decision I ever made. Teaching is a wonderful and rewarding occupation and the fact that I'm now qualified to teach all over the world is simply amazing. My next destination will be Japan or Mexico.


    Nathan Cramer
    Thank you for all of your work in preparing me for my current situation. It means a great deal to my success at this time and in the future that you took my training seriously and really ensured understanding. I have found the things that I was taught to be very applicable. The techniques expected of me here are almost identical to those taught by Hamline faculty. 


    Bob Lindstrom
    I teach in Qingdao, a large port city facing the Yellow Sea on China's West Coast. With the hills, the mild weather, and the harbor, the city compares to San Francisco. And the campus of the medical college looks like a small liberal arts college in California: white stucco buildings, red brick tile mansard roofs, green lawns, hedged curving paths, short pines and blossoming cherry trees.

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