• Advanced Pain Management Certificate Frequently Asked Questions

     Q. Who offers the program?
    A. The program is collaboration between Hamline University and the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA). Hamline, located in Saint Paul, Minnesota, is home to 5,000 undergraduate, graduate, and law students. It is Minnesota’s first university and the top-ranked and only “Great Schools, Great Prices” university of its class in the state, according to U.S. News & World Report. It offers a wide array of programs that provide students with practical skills and knowledge within a collaborative, student-focused learning environment. AANA is the professional association for more than 40,000 certified registered nurse anesthetists.

    Q. When will the Advanced Pain Management Program begin?
    A. The Advanced Pain Management Program will accept a cohort at the beginning of 2016. Interested qualified applicants can submit an application at any time.

    Q. What are the requirements for acceptance into the program?
    A. Prospective students must be advanced practice nurses who are able to secure adequate clinical sites and professional liability coverage in order to complete the clinical portion of the program. The prospective students must also have completed the pre-requisite workshops for Jack Neary I and II and the Advanced Physical Assessment for Pain Management workshop offered by the AANA (http://www.aana.com/meetings/Pages/default.aspx).  

    Q. How much will the program cost?
    A. The program will cost $1,200 per didactic credit and $2,500 per clinical semester.

    Q. How many students will be accepted into the program?
    A. Each cohort for the Pain Fellowship Program will enroll between 10-12 qualified applicants.

    Q. How many credits are required to complete the program?
    A. There are 19 academic credits, which are all didactic. There also are four mandatory clinical components, one each semester for 60 hours, totaling 240 hours over the program.

    Q. Where will the program meet for classes?
    A. This program is designed for online distance learning. Therefore, the didactic portion of the program will be accomplished by the participants without any on-campus (face-to-face) presence. We offer two options for clinical site locations: Students may submit a clinical site convenient to their location for approval from the faculty, or we will help facilitate their placement at program-approved sites.

    Q. What type of certificate will I receive when finished?
    A. Upon completion of the program students will receive a post-graduate certificate in advanced pain management.

    Q. How do I apply for the program?
    A. Apply online at http://www.hamline.edu/education/apply.html

    Q. Who should I contact if I have additional questions? 
    A: For additional information, please contact:

    Kenny Eliazer, MA, MDiv
    Education and Professional Development Associate
    American Association of Nurse Anesthetists
    222 S. Prospect Ave
    Park Ridge, IL 60068-4001
     keliazer@aana.com / www.aana.com