• Other Health Disabilities Certificate

    Hamline’s Other Health Disabilities (OHD) Certificate program offers course content that is directly aligned with competencies recommended by OHD practitioners in Minnesota and the Council for Exceptional Children to Teachers, special educators, and personnel in related services.

    Program Overview

    "Other Health Disability refers to a wide range of chronic or acute health conditions that may be either congenital or acquired. Students with health conditions may have associated characteristics or symptoms ranging from mild to severe. Some of the health conditions are progressive and some have associated symptoms that vary in intensity from day to day. Medications, treatments, therapies, and repeated hospitalizations for a range of chronic or acute health conditions can affect a student's ability to learn and function at school."

    -Source: Minnesota Department of Education, 2007

    Coursework in this certificate leads to greater understanding and collaboration between schools, the community, families, and the medical team. Discussion and ideas for creating collaborative relationships to support the overall educational plans of OHD learners are woven throughout the coursework. 

    Gain the skills necessary to help students with OHD achieve success in the classroom and actively participate in society.

    Apply Online

    This certificate is offered online.  

    Admission Requirements

    • Online application (no fee)

    • Official transcript of a bachelor’s degree with a GPA of at least 2.5 from a regionally-accredited college or university. This should be sent directly from the institution to Graduate Admission or provided in a sealed, signed envelope. You do not have to supply transcripts for courses taken at Hamline University

    Please contact gcs@hamline.edu for assistance with course registration or certificate completion. 


    12 credits are required to complete the OHD Certificate. This includes 9 credits of required coursework (6 courses) and 3 elective credits.

    Required Courses:
    SPED 7081: Other Health Disabilities 101 (2 credits)
    SPED 7082: Cognitive Aspects of Chronic Health (1 credit)
    SPED 7083: Biomedical Aspects of Physical and Developmental Disabilities (2 credits)
    SPED 7084: Neurobiological Disorders (2 credits)
    SPED 7085: ADHD Learners (1 credit)
    SPED 7995: Final Synthesis (1 credit) 

     Elective Courses:
     Elective courses vary, but upcoming courses include:

    SPED 7075: Introduction to Childhood Sleep Disorders (1 credit)
    SPED 7076: Introduction to Childhood Depression (1 credit) 
    SPED 7089: Introduction to Shaken Baby Syndrome (1 credit)

    Certificate Completion Process

    Once you have completed the requirements of the Other Health Disabilities Certificate, you may request your printed certificate. Orders are processed at the end of fall, spring, and summer semesters; you can expect to receive your certificate four to six weeks after you submit your request.