• Online Gifted Education Certificate Curriculum

    Take any course(s) individually or enroll in the certificate program.

    The Gifted Education Certificate has gone through a minor revision and updating of its courses starting June 2015. Anyone who started their certificate program prior to June, 2015 will still be able to count all of their course credits. Adjustments will be made where necessary to assist anyone in the completion of their Gifted Education certificate.

    Required Courses: (10 credits)

    • GTED 6245: Inquiry for Gifted Students (2 credits)
    • GTED 7604: Identifying Gifted Learners: Theories and Procedures (2 credits)
    • GTED 7606: Affective Needs of Gifted Students: Counseling Issues & Strategies (2 credits)
    • GTED 7607: Differentiation: Instructional Models & Strategies in Gifted Education (2 credits)
    • GTED 7609: Gifted Education Program Models (2 credits)

    Courses do not need to be taken in a specific order but it is helpful to start with GTED 6245 as that is foundational to the program. In addition, taking GTED 7609 last is advised as it assumes knowledge from the previous courses.

    Elective Courses: (2 credits)

    Hamline offers a variety of 1-2 credit courses each term on timely topics in gifted education, such as:

    • GTED 7617: Gifted Underachievers (1 credit)
    • Working with Families of Gifted Students: Effective Strategies (1 credit)

    Make Your Credits Count For More

    Gifted Education Certificate courses may be applied to Hamline's Master of Arts in Education (MAEd) or Master of Arts in Literacy Education to satisfy elective course requirements.

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