• Autism Spectrum Disorder Certificate Curriculum

    Required Courses: (10 credits)

    • SPED 7100: ASD: Introduction and Overview, 2 credits (available fall, spring)
    • SPED 7101: Proactive Behavior Management, 2 credits (available fall, spring)
    • SPED 7104: Intervention and Strategies for Students with ASD, 4 credits (available fall, spring)

    One of two courses:

    • SPED 7102: Assessment: Identification and Planning for the Student with ASD, 2 credits (available summer)
    • SPED 7103: Communication, Assessment, and Intervention for Learners with ASD, 2 credits (available summer)

    Elective Courses: (2 credits)

    • SPED 7105: Collaborative Transition Programming to Support Individuals with ASD Across Ages, 2 credits (available summer); or
    • SPED 7106: Social Cognition, 2 credits (available summer)

    Course listings See Graduate Professional Development (Continuing Studies).  

    Make Your Credits Count For More

    ASD Certificate courses may be applied to Hamline's Master of Arts in Education to satisfy elective course requirements.

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