• Autism Spectrum Disorder Certificate Curriculum

    Required Courses: (10 credits)

    • SPED 7100: ASD: Introduction and Overview, 2 credits (available fall)
    • SPED 7101: Proactive Behavior Management, 2 credits (available fall)
    • SPED 7104: Intervention and Strategies for Students with ASD, 4 credits (available spring)

    One of two courses:

    • SPED 7102: Assessment: Identification and Planning for the Student with ASD, 2 credits (available summer)
    • SPED 7103: Communication, Assessment, and Intervention for Learners with ASD, 2 credits (available summer)

    Elective Courses: (2 credits)

    • SPED 7105: Collaborative Transition Programming to Support Individuals with ASD Across Ages, 2 credits (available summer); or
    • SPED 7106: Social Cognition, 2 credits (available summer)

    Make Your Credits Count For More

    ASD Certificate courses may be applied to Hamline's Master of Arts in Education to satisfy elective course requirements.

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