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  •  ABE Program Support Services 

     As part of our commitment to professional development opportunities for ABE support services personnel, ATLAS will be adding updated information and maintaining this site as an ongoing support services resource. This site is being developed with the guidance of the ABE Program Support Services Advisory Group.

    Support Services Conference

    Save the date! The 2011 Support Services Conference will be on Thursday, November 17 - Friday, November 18, 2011.

    Advisory Group

    The primary role of the ABE Support Services Advisory Group is to identify support staff development needs and plan the annual ABE Support Services conference each fall. Group members are happy to respond to questions or comments that support staff may have about anything connected to their work in ABE.

    Please contact Brad Hasskamp if you are interested in joining the group.

    Program Representatives: 

    Marylynn Dvorak
    SHAPE / Bloomington

    Linda Keller
    Metro North ABE

    Angela Kelly
    South Suburban ABE

    Abbey Lang
    Mid MN Resource & Data Mgmt.

    Robin Mercier
    Minneapolis Public Schools ABE

    Jenny Schlukebier
    St. Paul Public Schools ABE

    Jo Seton
    Red Wing ABE

    Darla Thaldorf
    Rosemount-Apple Valley-Eagan ABE

    State Representatives:

    Brad Hasskamp
    MN Department of Education

    Astrid Liden
    MN Department of Education

    Todd Wagner
    MN Department of Education

    Kim Johnson
    ATLAS - Hamline University

    Marisa Geisler
    ATLAS - Hamline University