•  ATLAS Forms and Payment Information

    Payment and Reimbursement  

    All individuals and organizations requesting payment/reimbursement through ATLAS must submit two forms: a) an invoice and b) a Form W-9.

    a) INVOICES: Organizations that have their own invoices should submit those.  Organizations and individuals that do not have their own invoice systems should use the ATLAS Invoice provided below.

    >> 2010 ATLAS Invoice: for activities occurring from Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2010
    >> 2011 ATLAS Invoice: for activities occurring from Jan. 1-Dec. 31, 2011
    >> 2011 ATLAS Invoice - PDF format

    b) FORM W-9:

    The W-9 is required with your invoice, unless you have already filed this form with ATLAS.  This is how Hamline enters you into our accounting system so a check can be cut.

    >> Form W-9 (this form can be filled out electronically and then printed for signature)

    Please send these forms, along with original itemized receipts, to Marisa Squadrito Geisler, ATLAS Coordinator, at:

    Hamline University - ATLAS
    1536 Hewitt Ave, MS-A1790
    St. Paul, MN  55104

    State Per Diem Limits and Mileage 

    As a state-funded program, ATLAS is required to observe the following state per diem limits on reimbursement for food and mileage expenses while traveling.  These limits apply to all ATLAS activities.

    Breakfast – $7
    Lunch – $9
    Dinner – $15
    Mileage reimbursement –  $0.51 per mile, as of January 2011*

    * for travel occurring between Jan. 1 and Dec. 31, 2010, you must use the 2010 rate of $.50/mile

    Requirements and Receipts 

    If you are requesting reimbursement for incurred expenses such as meals, supplies, photocopies, hotel, etc., list these in Part B of the invoice and submit receipts with your invoice.

    Acceptable receipts:

    >> are original, not photocopies
    >> list the items/services purchased (i.e., are itemized)
    >> indicate that the balance is zero (i.e., has been paid), OR that 
          a credit card was used to pay this amount (e.g. “Visa xxxx-1234, $100.00”)

    Tax Exemption

    Because Hamline is a nonprofit entity, we are tax exempt. Therefore, ATLAS cannot reimburse for most tax, as follows:

    TAX-EXEMPT ITEMS: As a tax-exempt organization, Hamline cannot reimburse tax on items such as supplies, copying, snacks, etc.

    Prepared meals (catering or restaurant meals), lodging, airline tickets, and car rental are not tax-exempt items, and therefore ATLAS can reimburse tax for those items.