• ATLAS Signature Initiatives

    ATLAS provides high-quality, accessible professional development (PD) and resources to advance education for adult learners.

    Please visit the complete ATLAS website at https://atlasabe.org/

    ABE Foundations
    ATLAS facilitates ABE Foundations workshops and an online ABE Foundations course for practitioners who are new to the world of Adult Basic Education (ABE), or just need a refresher on some basics. 

    Administrator PD
    ATLAS offers webinars and workshops for ABE administrators/managers, in addition to facilitating an Administrator PD Advisory Team and an online administrators/managers networking group.

    Adult Career Pathways/Transitions
    ATLAS offers training and resources to help teachers successfully prepare learners for post-secondary education and the workforce. The centerpiece of our efforts is an Adult Career Pathways (ACP) resources library, hosting over 50 vetted ACP curricula and numerous program development tools. Additional components include training on the Transitions Integration Framework (TIF), one of the sets of standards adopted by MN ABE, as well as an online ACP practitioners networking group and ACP-related workshops. 

    Content Standards Training
    The College & Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) (Pimentel, 2013) have been adopted by MN ABE and are becoming the common language of adult education content nationwide. ATLAS offers a year-long CCRS Implementation Cohort for ABE program managers and instructors, CCRS Foundations training at face-to-face workshops statewide, and an online CCRS Foundations course. ATLAS also offers support around implementation of the ACES (Academic, Career and Employability Skills) TIF (Transitions Integration Framework) - another component of the MN ABE content standards. This support includes the ACES Foundations online course and regular ACES webinars throughout the year.

    Cultural Competency
    ATLAS offers a PELSB-approved training that meets the state relicensure requirements for Cultural Competency, as well as study circles designed to give practitioners the opportunity to explore topics around cultural competency and trauma-informed instruction in more depth than a single training can provide. These study circles are modeled on the Language & Literacy ones described below, but usually involve 4-5 meetings instead of 3.

    Language & Literacy Institute
    The Language & Literacy Institute brings together ESL, reading, and writing teachers in an effort to honor the abundance of overlap in their work and help spread great ideas for teaching ALL of our learners, both native and non-native speakers of English. Also, the Institute helps us to gain common language around the CCRS – specifically in the area of English Language Arts – and to explore how these content standards inform all of our language and literacy work. 

    Language & Literacy Study Circles
    Our study circles are designed to provide a more intensive, longer-term PD experience than that available through a conference workshop: 6-12 practitioners meet 3 times over a 6-week period to read research, discuss teaching strategies, apply something new in the classroom, then reflect on what they have learned. ATLAS facilitates study circles on low-literacy ESL, integrating language and numeracy, and pronunciation instruction.

    Math Institute/Numeracy Instruction
    ATLAS offers an annual Math Institute featuring interactive workshops on various high-need content areas, centered on the CCRS Math Standards. In addition, ATLAS provides scholarships to practitioners to attend high-quality numeracy conferences in Minnesota, such as the MCTM (Minnesota Council of Teachers of Mathematics) Spring Conference.

    Regional Training Events
    ATLAS hosts high-quality, practical professional development opportunities to ABE educators in regional areas across Minnesota. These training workshops focus on topics like basic skills education, the College & Career Readiness Standards, adult career pathways, transitions to post-secondary/workforce, English as a Second Language, and ABE program management.

    Resource Libraries
    The ATLAS website, https://atlasabe.org/, houses numerous resource libraries curated by ABE practitioners with expertise in these areas: ACES (Academic, Career & Employability Skills), Adult Career Pathways, Adult Diploma/HSE, Adult Ed Staff Resources, CCR Standards, Cultural Competency, ESL, Numeracy, Project-Based Learning, Reading, Science, Social Studies & Civics, and Writing.

    STAR (Student Achievement in Reading) and EBRI (Evidence-based Reading Instruction)
    STAR provides training and support for teachers of intermediate reading students in effectual, evidence-based practices. This reading reform initiative includes tools and resources that expand participants' knowledge of effective reading instruction for adults. EBRI Study Circles provide an additional route for teachers to understand and integrate critical Evidence-based Reading Instruction practices.


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