• School of Education Alumni Association

    Welcome School of Education alumni! The School of Education Alumni Association is part of an umbrella organization called the Associations of Hamline Alumni (AHA), which encompasses all the alumni associations of the university, both undergraduate and graduate.

    Upon graduation, School of Education degree program graduates automatically become members of the Hamline University School of Education Alumni Association. The purpose of the association is to establish mutually beneficial relationships between and among Hamline and its alumni. Specific aims and goals include:

    • To promote the personal growth and professional connections of its members.
    • To provide its members opportunities to contribute to the profession and to participate in service projects; to recognize members for such efforts and for other professional accomplishments.
    • To establish and maintain alumni events and programs that capture and perpetuate alumni interest in the HSE and provide a sense of belonging to the Hamline community.
    • To be generators of and reactors to ideas, programs and activities of the HSE and to be valuable resource persons in the implementation of HSE's vision and purpose