Stay at Home Order in Effect

April 09, 2020

Governor Tim Walz has extended the #StayAtHomeMN guidelines through Monday, May 4. Hamline operations remain unaffected. Our course offerings remain remote until the end of the spring semester.

See our COVID-19 webpage for more information here.

  • K-6 Elementary Education Additional License Requirements

    State Licensing Tests

    Basic Skills Test or equivalents - see MDE website*
    Pedagogy, Elementary
    Elementary Education Content Knowledge 

    Education Courses

    GED 7815 Schools and Society, 4cr*
    GED 7825 Educational Psychology, 4cr*  
    GED 7862 Education and Cultural Diversity, 4cr* 
    GED 7872 Exceptionality, 2cr* 
    GED 7867 Theory to Practice, 4cr*  
    GED 7888 
    English Learners in the Mainstream, 2cr
    GED 7990 Advanced Practicum (4 weeks student teaching), 2cr   
    *Typically satisfied through initial license. 

    Elementary K-6 Courses

    GED 7835 Teaching Art in the Elementary School/K-6, 1cr                                              
    GED 7836 Teaching Music in the Elementary School/K-6, 1cr                                                  
    GED 7837 Teaching Health in the Elementary School/K-6, 1cr                                             
    GED 7838 Teaching Physical Education in the Elementary School/K-6, 1cr             
    GED 7840 Teaching Social Studies in the Elementary School/K-6, 4cr 
    GED 7846 Teaching Literacy in the Elementary School/K-6, 6cr
    GED 7846L LAB: Teaching Literacy in the Elementary School/K-6, 2cr 
    GED 7847 Critical and Connected Learning Approaches to Literacy Instruction, 2cr
    GED 7851 Teaching Science in the Elementary Schools/K-6, 4cr
    GED 7852 Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School/K-6, 6cr
    GED 7852L LAB: Teaching Mathematics in the Elementary School/K-6, 2cr 

    Disclosure Information

    K-6 Elementary Education Gainful Employment  

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