Stay at Home Order in Effect

April 05, 2020

Governor Tim Walz has asked all Minnesotans to #StayHomeMN until Friday, April 10.

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  • 9-12 Life Science Additional License Requirements

    State Licensing Tests

    MTLE: Life Science 5-12 (sub test 1 and 2)
    The above assumes you have a valid Minnesota full-time license, exempting you from the basic skills and pedagogy test requirements.

    Education Courses

    GED 7815 Schools and Society, 4cr*
    GED 7825 Educational Psychology, 4cr*
    GED 7862 Education and Cultural Diversity, 4cr*
    GED 7872 Exceptionality, 2cr*
    GED 7867 Theory to Practice, 4cr*
    GED 7888 English Learners in the Mainstream, 2cr
    GED 7871 Teaching Literacy in the Middle and Secondary School/5-12, 4cr
    GED 7879 Teaching Math and Science in the Middle and Secondary School Part I, 4cr
    GED 7874 Teaching Science in the Middle and Secondary School Part II, 4cr
    GED 7990 Advanced Practicum (4 weeks student teaching), 2cr
    *These requirements are deemed as satisfied by a Minnesota full-time teaching license.

    Biology Courses

    BIOL 1510 Integrated Concepts in Biology I, 4cr
    BIOL 1520 Integrated Concepts in Biology II, 4cr
    BIOL 3050 Principles of Genetics, 4cr
    BIOL 3060 Principles of Cell Biology, 4cr
    BIOL XXXX Biology Elective
    BIOL XXXX Biology Elective
    BIOL XXXX Biology Elective
    BIOL XXXX Biology Course with Research Component, 4cr
    CHEM 1130 General Chemistry I, 4cr
    MATH 1200 Statistics, 4cr

    Disclosure Information

    9-12 Life Science Gainful Employment  

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