• 5-8 Communication Arts/Literature Endorsement Additional License Requirements 

    State Licensing Tests

    MTLE: Middle Level Communication Arts/Literature 5-8 (sub test 1 and 2)
    The above assumes you have a valid Minnesota full-time license, exempting you from the basic skills and pedagogy test requirements.

    Education Courses

    GED 7815 Schools and Society, 4cr*
    GED 7825 Educational Psychology, 4cr*
    GED 7862 Education and Cultural Diversity, 4cr*
    GED 7872 Exceptionality, 2cr*
    GED 7867 Theory to Practice, 4cr*
    GED 7888 English Learners in the Mainstream, 2cr
    GED 7871 Teaching Literacy in the Middle and Secondary School, 4cr
    GED 7857 Teaching Comm Arts/Literature in the Middle and Secondary School Part I, 4cr
    GED 7870 Teaching Comm Arts/Literature in the Middle and Secondary School Part II, 4cr
    GED 7990 Advanced Practicum (4 weeks student teaching), 2cr
    *These requirements are deemed as satisfied by a valid Minnesota full-time teaching license.

    5-8 Communication Arts and Literature Courses

    ENG 1900 Intro to Literature and Criticism, 4cr.
    ENG 3720 Teaching Writing: Theory and Practice, 4cr.
    COMM 1110 Public Speaking
    A Literature Course with a Race/Ethnicity or Gender Focus
    Choose One:
           ENG 1210 British Literatures to 1789 
           ENG 1220 British Literatures after 1789 
           ENG 1230 American Literatures to 1860
           ENG 1240 American Literatures after 1860
           ENG 1250 World Literatures 
    Choose One: 
           COMM 1100 Intro to Comm Studies 
           COMM 1320 Intro to Critical Media Studies
           COMM 3320  Media in the Digital Age

    Disclosure Information

    5-8 Communication Arts and Literature Gainful Employment  

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