• Meet new challenges with new skills.

    The education field is ever evolving. Between new legislation, changing student demographics, and budget limitations, teachers' adaptability and expertise is more crucial now than ever. An additional license can provide new opportunities and options for teachers with a standard teaching license.

    Meet the demands of today's classrooms by expanding your education. Complement your current specialty or broaden your range of knowledge by focusing on such areas as adult basic education, autism spectrum disorder, reading, and English as a second language. By enhancing your teaching experience, you will enhance your students' learning experience.

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    Contact a Graduate Admission counselor and request information to learn more about enrolling in the Additional Licensure program.

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  • Completion of any licensure program serves as preparation for seeking initial or additional licensure in the State of Minnesota. For more information regarding Minnesota educator licensure requirements, visit the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board website.