• Information for Students and Families

    All members of our community play a vital role in helping keep each other healthy and in ensuring we are able to be together on campus. We recognize that many of our new safety protocols will require a period of readjustment; during this time, we ask all students (and their visiting family members) to support one another by doing their part to reduce the spread. Our community is stronger than COVID-19.

    Hamline University plans to offer on-campus classes for new and returning students during the fall 2020 semester. At the same time, our COVID-19 response team closely monitors all updates from the Minnesota Department of Health, and we are prepared to shift back to online instruction should local health authorities decide on-campus instruction is no longer a safe or feasible option.

    For more information on the measures Hamline is taking against COVID-19, see the Campus Preparedness Plan.

  • Important Information and Resources

    COVID-19 Vaccine Information

    There is currently a very limited amount of vaccine doses available in the state of Minnesota. As the demand for vaccines currently exceeds the available supply, there are specific criteria for who is eligible to be vaccinated at this time focusing on those most at-risk of COVID-19 infection and severe illness.

    Hamline University is continuing to plan for the possibility of being able to distribute vaccines on campus, working closely with the Minnesota Department of Health and Ramsey County Public Health. However, we do not know when or how many vaccine doses will be made available for distribution on campus.

    All students are strongly encouraged to get vaccinated when the opportunity arises, whether through Hamline University or another health provider.

    The Minnesota Department of Health has also developed the Vaccine Connector, and all Minnesotans are encouraged to sign up. The site will alert those who are registered when they are eligible to receive the COVID-19 vaccine and assist with finding sites administering the vaccine. Anyone can sign up to help get connected to a vaccine when available.

    Where can you learn more about the COVID-19 vaccine?
    • The CDC website offers detailed information about COVID-19 vaccines.
    • The Minnesota COVID-19 Response website shows vaccine data for the state of Minnesota.

    Thinking of Traveling? COVID-19 and Travel

    Traveling off campus means you may bring COVID-19 with you if you have contact with someone who has COVID-19, or it means you could bring COVID-19 back to campus with you. In general, Hamline University recommends limiting travel as much as possible to continue to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

    For detailed guidance on traveling during the COVID-19 pandemic for students, faculty, and staff, the Minnesota Department of Health has developed specific guidance linked here, which includes recommendations to plan for:

    • before you travel
    • after your return
    • testing considerations

    Adjusted academic calendar

    • For specific information about the changes to this year’s academic calendar, visit our academic calendar page.

    Student mask policy

    Masks are required for students in most campus locations, including: 

    • Outdoors, when unable to maintain 6 feet of physical distance from others 
    • In common areas of campus, including hallways, classrooms, and labs 
    • In shared common areas of residence halls 

    Masks are not required for students in their residence hall rooms. However, if guests are present, both residents and guests are required to wear masks when guests enter their space. 

    Masks are required in residence hall restrooms and may only be removed when occupants are showering, brushing teeth, or washing their face. 

    See the mask policy page for a complete list of mask requirements. Two masks will be provided to each student.

    Health and safety procedures

    New hygiene measures 

    To keep our community safe, we’ve implemented a variety of new hygiene measures including, but not limited to:

    • Addition of hand sanitizer stations around campus 
    • A training program on handwashing, respiratory etiquette, etc. required for all students 
    • A campus mask policy
    • Physical distancing requirements in applicable campus locations 
    • Enhanced cleaning measures consistent with recommendations from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the Minnesota Department of Health 


    • All classes are being assessed for the feasibility of teaching in face-to-face, online, or hybrid modes. Classrooms have been assessed to determine occupancy levels that allow six feet of physical distancing. 
    • In areas where students and faculty may not be able to sustain physical distancing, all participants will wear a mask and a face shield. 

    Full details are available in the Campus Preparedness Plan.

    Student self-monitoring

    Self-monitoring requirements

    Students are required to self-monitor for symptoms of COVID-19. Students should NOT come to school if they: 

    • Feel sick 
    • Have been diagnosed with COVID-19 
    • Have symptoms of COVID-19 
    • Have been in contact with someone who is sick or has COVID-19 

    #CampusClear self-assessment 

    Every student must truthfully complete a brief questionnaire using the free #CampusClear app EVERY DAY before coming to campus. 

    Students who can answer NO to all the questions posed may come to campus. 

    Students who answer YES to the following should take the steps below: 

    • I have a temp of 100.4 F or 38 C and/or chills.
    • I have shortness of breath.
    • I have a NEW cough.
    • I have a NEW sore throat.
    • I have NEW nasal congestion/runny nose not explained by allergies.

    Commuter students should not come to campus. Students living in residential halls should stay in their rooms. Contact Student Health Services for guidance. If an emergency, off-campus students should call 911; on-campus students should contact Hamline Public Safety at 651-523-2100. If you will miss class, contact your faculty member.

    • I have NEW unexplained fatigue.
    • I have NEW unexplained muscle or body aches.
    • I have a NEW unexplained headache.
    • I have NEW gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea.

    If you feel that your symptoms could be COVID-19 related, please stay home. Contact Student Health Services for guidance. If you can attribute your symptoms to a non-COVID illness, stay home until you are well.

    • I’ve tested positive for COVID-19.
    • I’ve been in close contact with someone who has COVID-19.

    Stay home. Contact Student Health Services for guidance. Complete the student reporting form

    Students who test positive for COVID-19 will be required to isolate in an appropriate location according to the following guidelines: 

    • Commuter students will be required to return home and remain there until asymptomatic for at least three days or are authorized to return to campus by their medical provider.
    • Residential students will be encouraged to return home if possible and if safe to do. 
    • Residential students who cannot return home and live in a single unit with a private bathroom will be required to isolate in place until asymptomatic for at least three days or are authorized to return to campus by their medical provider. 
    • Residential students who cannot return home and live in a shared space or use a shared restroom will be moved to a single room, if possible, and must remain isolated in place. Hamline staff will conduct daily checks via text, call, or email and ensure food is delivered. There will be no physical contact with the student except in the case of an emergency. 

    Students who were in close contact with someone diagnosed with or suspected to have the COVID-19 should follow the home quarantine instructions.

    Other resources

    The COVID-19 pandemic has brought tremendous change to the world and to all aspects of Hamline University. We are all learning and living differently. 

    Find links to the resources undergraduate students can use to move forward and succeed below. 

    Academic Resources can help you adjust to the academic challenges of COVID-19. 

    Counseling and Health Services offers health and wellness resources for students.

    Dean of Students, Dining Services, and Residential Life can answer questions about school, eating, and living on campus. 

    During any crisis, there is an increased risk of cybersecurity threats. Pipers are advised to be more cautious than usual when online. Hamline ITS has compiled a resource for our community to help us all remain more secure online.

    Additional information for graduate students

    Graduate classes, like all Hamline offerings, will meet in compliance with local and state guidelines. At this time, in-person class meetings will be at the discretion of the faculty teaching the course and will be dependent on class size. There is no change to online graduate classes. 

    View the academic calendar for details.

    MIAC update

    As of August 31, 2020, the MIAC has postponed all competition until January 2021.

    The following sports are now scheduled to begin competition seasons in January:

    • Basketball
    • Hockey
    • Indoor track and field
    • Swimming and diving

    The following sports have been postponed to the spring 2021 season:

    • Cross country
    • Football
    • Soccer
    • Volleyball

    The MIAC Golf Championships, originally scheduled for October 2020, will now take place in spring 2021. The MIAC will release schedules for all postponed seasons in the coming months. 

    Check the Hamline Athletics homepage and the MIAC website for updates.