• CampusClear Screening

    Hamline requires all students, faculty, and staff to complete a brief health screening through the free CampusClear app every day before coming to campus.

    Students who can answer NO to all the questions posed may come to campus.

    Students who answer YES to any questions should:

    • DO NOT go to class or attend any other event. Commuter students should not come to campus.
    • Complete the COVID-19 Self-Reporting Form. If unable to complete the reporting form, contact Student Health Services at 651-523-2204.
    • Students who are on campus and experience COVID-19 symptoms should contact Student Health Services, who will assist them with medical care and potential isolation. Student Health Services will also coordinate with Student Affairs and Residential Life to ensure all students are supported.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - CampusClear

    Who will see my responses?

    The only people who have access to the app dashboard are the COVID-19 coordinator, Hamline student health services, and Hamline employee benefits. The COVID-19 coordinator is HIPAA-trained due to federal laws regarding privacy in health care. The dashboard does not list names for public view. Names will only be available to support contact tracing or if that information is needed by benefits and/or student health services.

    What happens if I don’t use the app or don’t have a smartphone?

    The state requires that we provide our community with the means to conduct a personal daily screening as part of our required "return to work" plan. For community members who don't have access to the app, a web version is available.