• Mask Policy

    Hamline has implemented a mask policy. The following rules are effective until further notice:

    • Masks will be worn by all students, employees, and guests while indoors in common areas of campus. This includes hallways, classrooms and labs, offices without private office space allowing for 6 feet of physical distance, and common areas in all campus buildings including residential facilities.
    • Faculty have the option of wearing a face shield in lieu of, or in addition to, a face mask when in the classroom. Students who are giving presentations in the classroom may also opt to wear a face shield, but only while giving the presentation.
    • Mask use will not be required by employees when they are alone in private offices. However, they will be required to mask when anyone enters a private office space and if their office space is physically shared with others and does not allow for 6 feet of physical distancing, or if the work area is frequented by others (such as a reception area). 
    • Masks will not be required for students in their residence hall rooms if guests are not present. However, they will be required to wear a mask when guests enter their space. 
    • Masks will be required in residence hall restrooms and may only be removed when occupants are showering, brushing teeth, or washing their face. 
    • Masks will be required when operating or riding in Hamline-owned vehicles. 
    • Masks will be required in all dining areas while entering and leaving or getting food and drinks. They may be removed at appropriately socially distanced tables in order to eat but must be replaced after eating.

    To support this policy, Hamline will:

    • Distribute two cloth masks each to each student and employee.
    • Make disposable masks available for guests. 
    • Engage in community education programs including campus signs, social media and email communication, and positive reinforcement that will actively promote mask use consistent with CDC, MDH, and OSHA guidance and state and local ordinance. 
    • Remind community members that mask use does not replace the need for social distancing, hand washing, and other preventative practices.

    Hamline will make reasonable accommodations for individuals who cannot medically tolerate masks. Students should contact Disability Resources and employees should contact the benefits administrator.

    Please consult the complete face covering policy as well as the Campus Preparedness Plan.

    (Updated 6/2/2021)

  • Frequently Asked Questions - Mask Policy

    Who enforces Hamline’s mask policy?

    As a community, we are all responsible for helping keep our members safe. We understand that our community is diverse and that everyone needs time to adjust to new rules. There will be numerous reminders placed in visible locations on campus, and we expect faculty, staff, and peers to regularly nudge students to remember to abide by this policy. The only exception for mask wearing is for students with medical accommodations. Everyone else needs to be masked.

    Any intentional noncompliance with this policy will be addressed in the same way as all other student conduct issues through the Dean of Students’ office and the Student Code of Conduct. Students who come to class without a mask should be directed to pick one up in the Anderson Center. (In the School of Business, each instructor will have a plastic bag with a few extra masks in case students forget or lose their masks.) Should students refuse to mask, they can be asked to leave the classroom or be removed similarly to any other disruptive student.

    What face coverings are appropriate?

    Community members should wear cloth or surgical masks that are intended for masking. Scarves, gaiters, etc. are not appropriate. All students, faculty, and staff will receive two masks from Hamline and are responsible for washing them regularly. Face shields are not an appropriate substitute for a mask; the only community members who can wear shields rather than masks are faculty, while teaching and distanced, and students with medical accommodations for this purpose.

    Face shields will be made available to those who qualify to use them.