Message from the Director

Sharon_Press I am so proud to be serving as director of the Dispute Resolution Institute (DRI) as we mark our 20th anniversary.  The success of the Dispute Resolution Institute is a testament to the leadership of Hamline University School of Law and the vision of DRI's first Director, Bobbi McAdoo.  We were among the first law schools to recognize the importance of teaching current and future lawyers and other professionals the skills needed to be good problem-solvers and to recognize the place that ADR would occupy in all aspects of society in the 21st century.  Over the years, students from more than half of all U.S. law schools have studied in our J-term and summer programs.

I am most fortunate that I have the opportunity to continue working with all three of the previous DRI directors: Founding Director Bobbi McAdoo; David Larson; and Longest-Serving Director Jim Coben.  Each still serves on the faculty of Hamline University School of Law, and as a Senior Fellow of the Institute, each continues to contribute to and guide the Institute.  In addition, of course, the constant throughout all of the past twenty years has been Associate Director Kitty Atkins.  She has been part of every piece of the growth and development of DRI.

Guided by a spirit of innovation and a passion for excellence, the Institute has accomplished many things over the past two decades.  As I think about DRI's first 20 years, I am  honored to be the current director, humbled by the accomplishments of my colleagues, and excited about the future.

 Sharon Press
Sharon B . Press
Director, Dispute Resolution Institute