• Faculty and Staff Scheduling

    The Conference and Event Management (CEM) office is accepting requests to book reservations. Please submit reservation requests directly through 25Live or by completing  this form

    Planning Your Event or Meeting

    View the step-by-step process required to get your event or meeting location reserved and ready to go.

    1. Identify the date and time of your event/meeting. Think about what space will work best for your event and which will provide your guests with a quality experience.
    2. Check the availability of your ideal location through 25Live. Be sure to schedule at least one week out. If available, enter and submit all prompted information. Please be as detailed as possible.
    3. A member of the CEM staff will contact you via telephone or email to confirm details of your event and talk through questions. At this time, CEM will also assign any necessary resources to the event or meeting.
    4. Once all resources are assigned (set up, catering, media, etc), the CEM staff member will send you a confirmation of the event or meeting details.
    5. A member of the CEM staff will contact you one week prior to your event to review any changes or additions to the reservation. Although, you can always reach out anytime before that!
    6. It's time for your event! We understand changes can happen, so please be sure to communicate with our office if the event or meeting is canceled or rescheduled.

    Scheduling Your Event or Meeting with 25Live

    Hamline University uses 25Live, a web-based program that facilitates and manages the scheduling of classes, events, and meetings across campus. Staff and faculty can search for and reserve venues through 25Live, 24 hours a day.

    25Live improves services offered to the Hamline community by improving the efficiency, accuracy, and communication across campus to all service providers and stakeholders. CEM uses 25Live and relies on it heavily to cascade event or meeting information to necessary service providers, schedule CEM Ambassadors to staff events, and track campus activities. It is important to enter accurate and updated information into 25Live, as CEM staff coordinate components such as event setup and tear-down, audio and visual needs, Hamline catering, and more based on that information.