• UCC Charge and Membership


    The Undergraduate Curriculum Committee (UCC) is a standing University committee. UCC’s work is focused on the Hamline Plan and requirements and educational experiences that are consistent with University learning outcomes and best practices. The UCC is committed to faculty ownership and control of the undergraduate curriculum.  

    With respect to decision-making, the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee is responsible for evaluating and approving all Hamline Plan proposals except First-year Seminar (FSEM) and First-year Writing (E) which are evaluated and approved by their directors.  Proposals for LEAP (P) courses are reviewed by UCC in consultation with the director.  UCC considers and determines undergraduate petitions of academic policy (except those administered by a Hamline Plan director, or those that the Registrar has been authorized to decide).  UCC also reviews and determines undergraduate proposals for a flexible curriculum.

    With respect to consultation, UCC reviews all new undergraduate programs, and provides feedback related to Hamline Plan requirements to one or more of the following:  the curriculum committees of the CLA, HSB, and HSE; the Deans of the CLA, HSB, and HSE; and/or the Academic Programs Committee of Faculty Council. “Programs” includes majors, minors, and certificates.  Proposed programs will not be moved forward without UCC Hamline Plan review.  In consultation with Hamline Plan Directors, the Director of Assessment, and the Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, UCC provides direction and feedback about priorities for Hamline Plan assessment. 

    With respect to policy and program review, UCC provides ongoing review of all Hamline Plan requirements. In addition, UCC evaluates proposals for changes to the Hamline Plan. Proposed changes to the Hamline Plan will be voted upon by the undergraduate faculty.  

    Current Members

    Voting members (2021-2022)
    Samantha Snyder (HSB)
    Kathy Burleson (CLA)
    Curt Lund (CLA)
    Kevin Stanley (CLA)
    Sarah Greenman (CLA)

    Ex officio members

    Lisa Nordeen, Assistant Dean for Academic Success and Retention
    TBD, Associate Dean of the CLA, Director of First-Year Seminar Program
    Gwenn Sherburne, Registrar