• Committee on Learning Outcomes Assessment

    Hamline’s strategic plan calls for us to “adopt and assess university-wide student learning outcomes across schools, programs, departments and other units to advance a distinctively Hamline experience” (Objective 2.2). In pursuit of that objective, the plan asks us to “implement learning outcomes that ensure a Hamline graduate will be able to:

    • serve, collaborate, and lead in a community
    • solve problems in innovative, integrative, analytical, and ethical ways
    • work and create understanding across cultural differences locally, nationally, and internationally
    • use information and technology competently and responsibly
    • communicate effectively in writing and in speaking
    • apply the theories and methods of a field of expertise
    • engage independently and reflectively in lifelong learning” (Initiative 2.2.A).

    The Standing Committee on Learning Outcomes Assessment is charged with leading this university-wide effort, in conjunction with the deans, the respective academic schools, and student affairs. The purpose of the committee is to:

    1. serve as a resource to the schools and academic affairs to develop a culture of assessment;
    2. develop a framework for university assessment reports on learning outcomes that will measure our success in achieving the learning outcomes;
    3. provide feedback that can guide continuing improvement;
    4. advise on emerging best practices in assessment and the use of assessment tools.

    The committee shall be appointed by the Provost. Terms of appointment shall be for three years.

    Reporting Requirements

    Upload your reports here
    Program Assessment Plan Template 
    Annual Program Assessment Progress Report 
    Reporting Review Cycle 

    For ideas and examples, please see the CLOA Resources page.