• Information Technology Services Advisory Committee (ITSAC)

    As part of an overall structured approach to governance, ITSAC's charter is to advise the university on technological priorities that support the university's mission, values, and strategic directions, helping to ensure that the university makes informed and strategic decisions regarding investment of its resources into technology systems/initiatives/approaches that best serve the institution's interests over time. ITSAC reports up to the University and Strategic Planning Committee. 

    ITSAC is composed of three working subcommittees:

    1. Academic Technology

    2. Digital Transformation

    3. Governance and Communications

    The respective subcommittee charters can be viewed here.  


    Committee membership intentionally reflects and includes a cross-representation of faculty, university constituents, unit and department leaders.


    Academic Technology Advisory Sub-Committee (ATASC):

    • Nick Schlotter - Co-Chair - CLA Faculty 
    • Ben Phillip - Co-Chair - Director, Academic and Client Technical Support, ITS 
    • Michelle Benegas - HSE Faculty 
    • Beth Gunderson - Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, HSB 
    • Caroline Hilk - Director, Center for Teaching and Learning 
    • Terry Metz - University Librarian, HULA 
    • Nicole Nelson - Academic Technology Consultant, ITS  

    Digital Transformation Advisory Sub-Committee (DTASC):

    • Dave Ryan - Co-Chair - CLA Faculty
    • Dan Musial - Co-Chair - Director, Enterprise Applications and Development, ITS
    • Bill Lindquist - HSE Faculty
    • Mohamed Mohamed - HUSC 
    • Kathy Mann-Arnott - HSB Assistant Dean for Administration 
    • Gwenn Sherburne - University Registrar 
    • Kaia Sherburne - Associate Director of Undergraduate Admissions 

    Governance and Communications Advisory Sub-Committee (GCASC):

    • Trish Harvey - Co-Chair - HSE Faculty   
    • Ken Fox - HSB Faculty 
    • Nick Watts - Digital Marketing Manager, Marketing and Communication
    • Amanda Roll-Kuhne - Assistant to the Provost 
    • Steve Rose - Senior Financial Analyst 
    • Lisa Todd - Director, Human Resources

    ITSAC Co-Chairs

    • Jill Barclift - Associate Provost