• Campus Internationalization Committee

    The Campus Internationalization Committee (formerly known as the IOCP or Global Engagement Committee) serves as  an advisory board for the GEC and as a vehicle to further and support continued internationalization of  the university. 

    Committee Charge:

    The committee shall serve as an advisory body for the Global Engagement Center (GEC) and the  university as a whole by promoting and supporting continued internationalization of the University. GEC  committee members are committed to open communication and seeking input from faculty and staff in  their respective schools. Members are asked to report back to their faculty and staff. 

    The membership of the committee consists of faculty and staff from campus units involved in  internationalization initiatives. Committee membership includes the following: Intercultural Program  Specialist and SEVIS Advisor, the Study Away Global Engagement Specialist, and the Associate Director  of International Admission, the Director of the Hedgeman Center, and both Associate Deans of Students.  The remaining members are faculty from across the University as follows: two from the College of  Liberal Arts, two from the Hamline School of Business, and one from the Global Studies Department.  Faculty committee members are elected by their respective schools to two year terms, on a rotating basis. 

    The Director and the Director of Operations of the Global Engagement Center are standing members of  the committee. All members shall hold voting privileges. The committee will on an ad hoc basis invite  international student representatives from ISO or HIGSA to participate in meetings.  The committee will:

    Serve as a source of support for incoming international students.

    Facilitate continued growth of international programs at Hamline University.

    Develop initiatives and programming that contribute to campus internationalization efforts