• Faculty Council

    Welcome to the home page for faculty council. Formed pursuant to a constitution approved by all faculties in spring 2007, faculty council consists of 20 elected members representing the schools at Hamline University: College of Liberal Arts (including the School of Education) and School of Business.   

    View our constitution (updated and ratified April 2016). 

    Executive Council

    The three-person Executive Committee includes one representative from each school and meets every other week. 

    Faculty Council Executive Committee for 2016-17

    • James Hagen [President] (HSB)
    • John Mazis [President-Elect] (CLA)
    • Jean Strait (HSE)

    Faculty Council Members for 2016-17

    Term ending June 30, 2019

    • James Scheibel (HSB)
    • Gary Gabor (CLA)
    • Aida Audeh (CLA)
    • John Mazis (CLA)
    • Michelle Benegas (HSE)

     Term ending  June 30, 2018  

    • Gina Erickson (CLA)
    • Hossein Akhavi-Pour (HSB)

    Term ending  June 30, 2017 

    • Ann Mabbott (HSE)
    • Jean Strait (HSE)
    • John Brandon (CLA)
    • James Hagen (HSB)
    • Glenn Hardin (CLA)

    Members by school:  

     CLA: John Brandon, Gary Gabor, Gina Erickson, Glenn Hardin, John A. Mazis, Aida Audeh  

     HSE:  Michelle Benegas, Ann Mabbott, Jean Strait

    HSB: James Hagen, James Scheibel, Nancy Webber