• Faculty Council

    Welcome to the home page for faculty council. Formed pursuant to a constitution approved by all faculties in spring 2007, faculty council consists of 12 elected members representing the schools at Hamline University: College of Liberal Arts (including the School of Education) and School of Business

    View the Faculty Council Constitution (ratified November 2019) 
    and the Faculty Handbook, (original text approved 2009; most-recent amendment 2021). 

    Executive Committee

    The four-person Executive Committee includes one representative from the College of Liberal Arts, one from CLA-Education and/or CLA graduate programs, one from the School of Business, and one at-large member and meets every other week. 

    Executive Committee Members for 2021-22

    • Mike Reynolds  (President, CLA)
    • Leondra Hanson (CLA)
    • Brian Hoffman (CLA)
    • Jim Scheibel-Fall; Stacie Bosley-Spring (HSB)

    Faculty Council Members for 2021-22

    TERM ENDING JUNE 30, 2024 

    • Kaori Kenmotsu (CLA)
    • Chad Sponsler (HSB)

    TERM ENDING JUNE 30, 2023 

    • Bruce Bolon (CLA)
    • Stacie Bosley (HSB)
    • Máel Embser-Herbert (CLA)
    • Rebecca Neal (CLA-Education)
    • Brian Hoffman (CLA); replaces Angela Pelster-Wiebe for AY22

    TERM ENDING JUNE 30, 2022

    • Trish Harvey (CLA-Education)
    • Binnur Ozkececi-Taner  (CLA)
    • Mike Reynolds (CLA)
    • Jim Scheibel (HSB)
    • Leondra Hanson (CLA)

    Members by school:  

    CLA: Bruce Bolon, Leondra Hanson, Máel Embser-Herbert, Brian Hoffman, Kaori Kenmotsu, Binnur Ozkececi-Taner, Angela Pelster-Wiebe (sabbatical for AY22)Mike Reynolds  

    CLA-Education: Trish Harvey, Rebecca Neal

    HSB:  Stacie Bosley, Jim Scheibel