• Faculty Council

    Welcome to the home page for faculty council. Formed pursuant to a constitution approved by all faculties in spring 2007, faculty council consists of 12 elected members representing the schools at Hamline University: College of Liberal Arts (including the School of Education) and School of Business.   

    View the Faculty Council Constitution (updated and ratified April 2016)
    and the Faculty Handbook, (approved 2009 & amended 2010). 

    Executive Council

    The three-person Executive Committee includes one representative from the School of Business and two from the College of Liberal Arts (including the School of Education) and meets every other week. 

    Faculty Council Executive Committee for 2018-19

    • James Scheibel (President, HSB)
    • Mark Berkson (President Elect, CLA)
    • Kim Hartung (CLA-Education)

    Faculty Council Members for 2018-19

    TERM ENDING JUNE 30, 2021

    • Jeannie Fox (HSB)
    • Deb Sheffer (CLA-Education)
    • Kate Bjork (CLA)

    TERM ENDING JUNE 30, 2020

    • Stephen Arnott (CLA)
    • Mark Berkson (CLA)
    • Ken Fox (HSB)
    • Kim Hartung (CLA-Education)

    Term ending June 30, 2019

    • Aida Audeh (CLA)
    • Patty Born (CLA-Education)
    • Gary Gabor (CLA)
    • John Mazis (CLA)
    • James Scheibel (HSB)

    Members by school:  

     CLA:  Stephen Arnott, Aida Audeh, Mark Berkson, Kate Bjork, Gary Gabor, John A. Mazis  

     CLA-Education Michelle Benegas, Kim Hartung, Deb Sheffer

    HSB:  Jeannie Fox, Ken Fox, James Scheibel