• Diversity Initiatives Steering Committee (DISC)

    Committee Charge

    Hamline University’s strategic plan calls for the university to “become an exemplar in the integration of diversity to achieve and sustain an inclusive environment.” Consistent with our avowed commitment to “inclusive excellence,” diversity initiatives are infused throughout the strategic plan and are manifest in all strategic directions.

    The Diversity Initiatives Committee is charged with the principal responsibility for leading, advocating, and coordinating university-wide efforts to realize diversity initiatives and inclusive excellence.


    Specifically, the Diversity Initiatives Committee:

    • Provides leadership in advocating and advancing diversity initiatives and inclusive excellence throughout the university community;

    • Advises and consults with the Director of Diversity Initiatives in proposing and coordinating the implementation of diversity initiatives supporting the university’s mission, vision, and strategic plan;

    • Develops plans for ongoing assessment of existing, pending, and proposed diversity initiatives policies, practices, programs, and initiatives, and provides follow-up recommendations based on assessment outcomes.

    The Director of Diversity Initiatives (in consultation with the Diversity Initiatives Committee and the Provost) reports quarterly to the President’s Staff and submits an annual report to the President and the University Leadership Team.

    Members of the committee may serve up to three years.



    Committee Role


    Steve Anderson 
    Disability Resource Center 
    Staff member  
    Kathy Burleson 
    CLA Faculty
    CLA member 2015-2018 

    Graduate Student 
    Graduate Student Representative 2017-2018
    Nancy Victorin-Vangerud  
    Staff member   
    Kimberly Feilmeyer 
    Bush Library
    Staff member 2014-2017 
    t. aaron hans
    Acting Director of Diversity Initiatives
    Ex-officio, Co-chair     
      Staff member
    Kaori Kenmotsu 
    CLA Faculty
    Member-at-large, Co-chair 2016-2019
    Chris Kipp 
    International and Off-Campus Programs 
    Staff member  2015-2018
    Ryan LeCount 
    CLA Faculty
    CLA member 2014-2018 
    Hamline School of Education Faculty
    HSE member
    Jim Scheibel
    Hamline School of Business Faculty
    HSB member 2015-2018
    Alice Silkey
    Hamline School of Law Faculty 

    Carlos Sneed
    Director of the Hedgeman Center
    Staff member
    Emily Lincoln
    CLA Undergraduate Student 
    Undergraduate Student Representative 2017-2018