• Data Standards Committee

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    Charter for the Data Standards Committee as a Sub-Committee of the Banner Data Management Committee

    Establish measures for the protection, access, and use of the Hamline University Banner system.

    Establish a working central repository containing the information required for the management and use of data stored in the Hamline University Banner System.

    The Data Standards Committee is established by the Banner Data Management Committee to develop, document, and implement coding and usage standards for Hamline University’s Banner ERP system and related systems that feed or use Banner data.

    The Data Standards Sub-Committee shall consist of members of the Data Management Committee with representatives from across the university. Membership will be drawn largely from offices with primary data entry responsibilities. Membership will be limited to keep the team functioning efficiently. As needed, temporary members will be called in to support and advise in their areas of expertise.

    The responsibilities of the Data Standards Committee include, but are not limited to, the items listed in this section.

    • Document data standards and provide a central repository
    • Document process standards and provide a central repository
    • Develop a change management process for coding modifications
    • Develop data standards for all data items used across the Banner system
    • Develop a glossary of terms related to Hamline data
    • Develop and maintain a list of data stewards
    • Define the areas of responsibility for the access and management of the data

    The Data Standards Committee is responsible for the collection, development and documentation of standards to properly manage the data stored in the Banner and related systems. These standards are considered the university standards and shall be adhered to by everyone at Hamline University.

    The intention of this committee is not to become the “Data Police” and is not responsible for enforcing the standards. The Hamline administration is responsible for enforcing the standards established by this committee and will hold data stewards accountable for the data.

    Committee Membership

    Sally Gerlach
    Dan Musial
    Steve Rose 
    Tracy Williams (Chair)


    The Data Standards Committee is currently implementing new policies. They will be posted shortly.

    Other Information

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