• CLOA Current Members

    For facilitiations, workshops, or individual assistance with Learning Outcomes Assessment, please contact any of the current CLOA members.

    Jill Barclift
    Associate Provost
    Member since 2016

    David Berg
    School of Business representative
    Member since 2016

    Beth Gunderson
    Associate Dean, School of Business representative
    Member since 2017

    Javier Gutierrez
    Student Affairs representative
    Member 2007-2012 and since 2017

    Stephen Kellert, Director of Assessment
    Co-chair and College of Liberal Arts representative
    Member since 2015

    Shih-Hsun Lin
    Student Affairs representative
    Member since 2016

    Curt Lund
    College of Liberal Arts Representative
    Member since 2017  

    Larry Masterson
    College of Liberal Arts representative
    Member since 2017

    Nicole Nelson
    Information Technology Services representative
    Member since 2018

    Mike Reynolds
    Associate Dean of Graduate Programs
    Member 2013-2016 and since 2017

    Andy Rundquist
    Associate Dean of the College of Liberal Arts
    Member since 2017 

    Amy Sheehan
    Bush Library representative
    Member since 2007

    Jane Turk
    Center for Teaching and Learning representative
    Member 2011-12 and since 2017 

    Nancy Webber
    School of Business representative
    Member since 2017 

    Tracy Williams, Director of Institutional Effectiveness
    Co-chair and Institutional Effectiveness representative
    Member since 2007