• Academic Affairs Committee (AAC)

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    AAC Charge

    According to the P&P manual, the goals of AAC is as follows:

    This committee is the faculty’s main channel in shaping the curriculum but also more generally the academic work of the college.  It allows faculty to give input on issues and services that support the academic mission of the college.  Faulty members work with staff and the Dean on this committee, but faculty have the major decision-making power in this committee.  This is the committee where revisions are effected in content, approach, and philosophy of the intellectual life of the College.

     - (P&P Manual, pg 18 section 4.2.4.A)

    Responsibilities of the Committee

    • to recommend policy pertaining to the CLA curriculum;
    • to approve and forward all CLA courses to the faculty for ratification and major/minor programs;
    • to consult with personnel who coordinate and/or support components of the curriculum (e.g. FYSEM, language across the curriculum, study abroad, computers, and workplace experience) regarding policies and implementations of the CLA curriculum’
    • to establish CLA standards for graduation and individualized study;
    • to consult with the honors program administrator  to provide CLA  faculty advice on honors programs;
    • to consult with library administration to provide CLA faculty advice on library policy;
    • to coordinate CLA assessment and learning outcomes projects;
    • to serve as liaison to the University Curriculum Committee.

    Additionally, the committee will be responsible for the following: educational technology in the CLA, and faculty ownership of the course evaluation form and process until such a time as a University-wide committee is created to take on that responsibility.

     - (P&P Manual, pg 19 section 4.24)

    Current Members

    The current divisional representatives are:  

    Gina Erickson (social sciences)
    Sarah Hick (education)
    Richard Pelster-Wiebe (fine arts) - Fall 2020
    Julia Reimer (education)
    Kevin Stanley (natural sciences)
    Rachel Tofteland-Trampe (humanities)
    Katrina Vandenberg (fine arts) - Spring 2021