• Career & Postgraduate Opportunities

    What can you do with a women’s studies degree?  This is the number one question you will get from your family when you let them know about your academic interests.

    Our graduates follow many paths, so the answer depends on what you are passionate about. Women’s studies is a liberal arts field that leads to a variety of career choices in nonprofit and social justice work, public service and law, science and medicine, business, education, and the arts. As a women’s studies student you will learn how to write well, think critically, conduct relevant research, give public presentations, and deploy leadership skills that are valued by employers who are aware of gender and diversity issues. They recognize that women’s studies students are trained to think critically about social categories of people, analyze ideas and policies skillfully, manage diversity, and apply social justice concerns.

    Women’s studies students take their passion for social transformation out into the world after they graduate, where they apply what they have learned to real-life issues and problems. Our majors and minors can be found occupying positions as various as anti-violence program coordinator, communications specialist, or health educator. They are also found in human resources departments of major corporations, as writers, editors, artists, and in non-profit organizations focusing on women.

    A major in women’s studies also provides excellent preparation for a variety of graduate programs in the humanities, social sciences and the arts, as well as professional training in law, psychology and medicine, or social work. Many of our graduates continued their education and are now working as marriage and family therapists, nurses and physician’s assistants, public policy analysts, lawyers, college professors, small business owners, and business executives.

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