• Urban Studies at Hamline

    Urban studies is an interdisciplinary, inter-college major that prepares one to think critically about the urban and metropolitan environment in which most Americans live. 

    Ten courses are required for the major, including Politics of Urban and Metropolitan America and Urban Sociology. The minor consists of six courses and is an excellent complement to fields such as political science, pre-law, environmental studies, sociology, anthropology, and business. 

    Through urban studies coursework, students gain critical writing and speaking skills, as well as the ability to solve real-world problems. They graduate with a wide body of knowledge, as well as the ability to focus in-depth on a particular topic. 

    Announcement about the Urban Studies program

    Hamline University is in the process of phasing out the Urban Studies major. Current Hamline students who  officially declared a major or minor in this area by December 13, 2011, will be provided the opportunity to complete their program of study. The major and minor will no longer be an option for new students.

    By early February 2012, a degree audit will be completed for all students who have declared a major or minor in Urban Studies. The degree audit will help Hamline assess the time frame necessary for the phasing out the program. The goal of the phase-out process will be to both assure that the programmatic needs of those pursuing the major or minor are met, and to establish a reasonable date beyond which offering individual courses required of the major or minor will no longer be necessary.

    If you have questions about these changes, please contact Alina Oxendine at 651-523-2433 or aoxendine01@hamline.edu.

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