• Macbeth Fight Call

    Theatre Arts Research

    Research is an important and ongoing part of the performing arts. As a part of your education you will find that many of your classes in the department include research opportunities.  

    • Technicians experiment with new tools and materials. 
    • Actors consider the ways new ideas about scripts and performance theory will shape their approach their parts. 
    • Designers are continually experimenting with new ways to visually engage the audience with the contemporary world of the drama. 
    • Playwrights and dramaturgs investigate the connections between culture, society and the language of the arts.
    •   Learn more about the areas of research you can explore in the theatre department.

    Collaborative Research

    In additional to these course based research experiences, the department is also an active participant in the Collaborative Research Program.

    The Collaborative Research Program provides talented scholars, who are chosen in a competitive process, a summer stipend, housing and academic credit. The goal of the program is to give students the time and opportunity to engage a research topic in depth and in close collaboration with a faculty member. 

    Honors Projects

    Honors projects are done by a small number of students who exhibit outstanding ability in research, writing and proven creative potential.

    A student who wishes to be considered for an honors project must apply to the department for permission and must also meet the University requirements for Honors Project approval. Each honors project concludes with a final public presentation of the research before a panel of faculty and outside experts who review the work and discuss the research with the student. In the Theatre Department an honors project is preceded by a summer collaborative research grant.