• Making Waves Archive

    Below is an archive of past performances and events Making Waves has participated in.


    PERFORMANCE TOPICS in 2015-2016

    • It’s Just a Costume: Cultural Appropriation on Halloween  
    • Class Issues: Classism in College
    • HU Confessions & White Space (Revisions made to include Jamar Clark)
    • Why are they here?: Immigration
    •  Labor Laws: Wages & Working Condition Conflicts
    •  I’m An Adult (Self- Advocacy for Adults with Developmental and Physical Disabilities)
    •  Food Justice: Urban Farming on a College Campus
    •  Teacher’s Lounge: Faculty racism towards students
    •  Not My Type: Body Image
    •  Thanksgiving: Facing friends and family back home after experiencing a shift in values or beliefs  
    •  Targhetto: Racism and classism in our language and geographical setting 
    •  Religious Intolerance: A day in the life of a Muslim student  

    Where We've Been (2015 -2016)

    Fall 2015

    Pathways (1); Intro to Sociology (1); FYSEM’s (6 sections); Intro to Sociology (1); Crime & Justice in America (1); Intro to Religion (1); English Learners- Grad Ed (1); Labor Law-Law School (1 section); Student Workers Diversity Training (3); Making Waves Fall Public Performance (1).

    Spring 2016

    Intro to Environmental Studies (1); Race, Class, and Gender (1); Woman and Popular Culture, Socially (Ir)responsible Fashion (1); Literature & Philosophy     (1); Intro to Sociology (2); Olmstead Academy Performance in St. Paul with ACT (1); Literacy Connections in the Classroom -Grad Ed (1); Sexual Violence Prevention Awareness Week (1); Making Waves Spring Public Performance (1)

    • June 11th-14th 2015 | Columbia College - Chicago, IL, Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed Conference, Presentation Title: Bringing Ferguson Home: Using Theatre of the Oppressed to Help a Community Create Dialogue, Presenters -  Carolyn Levy, Salima Seale, and Making Waves: Social Justice Theatre Troupe
    • January 14th, 2016  |  Augsburg College - Minneapolis, MN, Neighborhood Bridges - School Segregation Now, Segregation Forever? Image Theatre Breakout Groups following the Panel Discussion at Augsburg College, Facilitators - Carolyn Levy, Laura Mann Hill and Making Waves members: Jenna Alstad & Nyjee Palmer
    • February 14th, 2016  |  Woodbury High School -Woodbury, MN, MN Thespians Conference Workshop Title: How to start a Social Justice Theatre in your Community? Presenters - Carolyn Levy, Laura Mann Hill, and Making Waves member: Khadijah Pierce
    • June 10th -12th, 2016 |  Hamline University - St. Paul, MN The Warehouse Project & Gallery Workshop Workshop Title: I & We Shall Overcome: How to overcome limits and support our communities by exploring our identities, including race, gender, sexuality, abilities, privilege and access to resources? Presenters - Carolyn Levy, Laura Mann Hill, and Making Waves members: Ashe Jafaaru, Tyanna Gross, Callie Hansen, & Nyjee Palmer
    • August 15 - 17th | Alice Rapoport Center for Education and Engagement at Goodman Theatre - Chicago, IL, Pedagogy and Theatre of the Oppressed Regional Gathering
      Forum Theatre: Examining Oppressive Systems, Exploring Concrete Options. Facilitated by Julian Boal, a founding member of Ambata, GTO-Paris (Theatre of the Oppressed Group–Paris), and Féminisme Enjeux. Participants  -  Carolyn Levy, Laura Mann Hill and Making Waves: Social Justice Theatre Troupe