• Making Waves Feedback

    Below is a selection of feedback that Making Waves received from our audiences:

    •  “I’d say 10 for this one. Such performances can offer a place for us to step back and look in the mirror—helps us see and reflect.” 
    • “10, without engagement in conversations no social change will occur. We must bring up the topics of issue to fix them.” 
    • “10- extremely important. Without discussion, there is no progress.” 
    • “10. There are a lot of social issues that people are afraid of just because they don’t really understand them. Open and non-threatening discussion is one of the best ways to educate people.” 
    • “10- absolutely crucial. No matter what they do beyond Hamline they will deal with social justice topics.” 
    • “Very important 10. Students need to be open minded and aware of our society because we are the future.” 
    • “10. This affects everything we do, how we create and keep relationships.” 
    • “8. I believe that social change is something everyone needs to be a part of.” 
    • “10-All fields of study need to know about social justice issues and working with others and other points of view.”  

    Additional Feedback 

    • “Terrific- Safe to say this engaged & stirred every student- something we don’t always accomplish in the typical classroom.” Professor Bill Snyder, Wall Street Journal FYSEM“Wonderful actors! They did so well embodying their characters in Q & A!” 
    • “I originally thought this would be dull, but after watching it, it was interesting. Definitely would watch again.” 
    • “Being white, Catholic, straight, and male has usually given me a life of little to no racial, religious, orientation or gender diversity, so realizing the lives that others live in different context to my own is eye opening.”
    • “I think social justice pervades through every aspect of life. “ 
    • “Social justice intersects greatly with my work in Spectrum and participation in APAC.” 
    • “A great way to expose the audience to the reality of these social justice issues is through a play versus a speech. Well done.” 
    • “I want to congratulate you and your troupe for such a thought provoking performance yesterday. What a wonderfully unique and fabulous job of presenting an issue and going through a purposeful discussion. Carolyn, your non-judgmental and non-confrontational manner of engaging the audience in purposeful dialog was key to creating a ‘teachable moment’ for attendees. I hope to be in the audience for many more of these presentations.” –A Hamline Trustee 
    • “I think groups like the Theatre Troupe are the best way to educate young people on issues… it often takes something as interesting and different as the Troupe to get people interested. I hope the Troupe continues to grow and develop. I think they could really benefit the Hamline community.”