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    Internships & Work Study

    As you plan your career it is important to assess your skills and interests and to work closely with your advisor to gain the kinds of experiences and knowledge that you will need to obtain your first position. A well planned internship, summer theatre experiences and work off campus are all strongly encouraged by the Department. By the time of graduation your resume should reflect a range of experiences in different venues.


    Make connections by applying for an internship at one of the Twin Cities' many theatrical companies and nonprofits. Students in the past have interned at the Guthrie, Hennepin Theatre Trust, the Fringe Festival, and many more. Talk to your advisor or the Career Development Center for additional resources.

    Work Study

    Hamline University Department of Theatre and Dance employs over 50 students in our work study program. The work study program focuses on preparing students to work in a professional theatre setting by giving them practical experience in all aspects of theatre production such as set construction, costume design, lighting design, sound design, video production, and arts administration.

    Students may apply to work in one of nine theatrical shops, focusing on one aspect of theatrical production. You do not need past experience in theatre production, but with help from our faculty and staff, you will graduate with the knowledge and skills necessary to thrive in the professional world.

    Light Shop

    The Light Shop is responsible for the hanging, focusing, and programming of the light plot for each production. 

    They gain skills in...

    • Hanging and focusing lighting instruments
    • Programming lighting cues
    • Electrical problem solving
    • Designing light plots

    Scene Shop

    The Scene Shop is in charge of the construction of all sets for the Hamline University Theatre & Dance Department. 

    They gain skills in:

    • Woodworking
    • Scenic painting
    • Welding
    • Construction

    Costume Shop

    The Costume Shop is responsible for the design and construction of the costumes for all mainstage productions as well as hair and makeup. 

    They gain skills in:

    • Garment construction and design
    • Blood effects and Prosthetics
    • Wig styling
    • Hair and makeup design and consultation

    Prop Shop

    The Prop Shop is crucial in making the set come to life by providing the set dressing and props for each production. 

    They gain skills in:

    • Prop construction
    • Set dressing construction and selection
    • Special construction projects depending on the production (i.e. chain metal work, puppet construction, woodworking, etc.)

    Sound & Media Shop

    The Sound and Media Shop is responsible for designing new sound and musical scores of Hamline's theatrical productions, as well as creating promotional videos and visual effects. 

    They gain skills in:

    • Soundboard operation
    • Audio set up
    • Musical arrangement
    • Sound effects
    • Video recording and editing trailers for theatrical productions

    Box Office

    The Box Office performs patron relations and advertising for Hamline University Theatre.

    They gain skills in:

    • House Management
    • Ticketing and Sales
    • Public Relations and Marketing
    • Print and Social Media Outreach
    • Brand Management

    Theatre Archives

    Archives is responsible for the preservation of past Hamline University Department of Theatre & Dance productions as well as the cataloguing of current and future productions. 

    They gain skills in:

    • Organizing information from past and current productions
    • Archiving and organizing the Theatre Library
    • Collaborating with other shops to provide necessary information


    For inquiries, please contact Department Chair Bill Wallace at bwallace@hamline.edu or call 651-523-2405